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  • Dip in US economic growth to 3.5 pc in third quarter

    Economics Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - The United States economy has grown more than expected in the third quarter, indicating sustained recovery but the pace when compared with the previous quarter has declined, marginally ...

  • Ease of doing business improves in Ireland finds new report

    Economics Industry News.Net

    DUBLIN - Ireland's success in attracting high quality research and development activities in life sciences and IT, coupled with high-value investment in financial services has helped it retain its ...

  • Rwanda accelerates move to cashless economy by joining UN-backed alliance

    Economics Industry News.Net

    30 October 2014 - The Government of Rwanda moved today to accelerate plans to transform into a cashless economy by joining a United Nations-backed initiative that supports countries" transitions to ...

  • Minister Indonesia to Change Fuel Subsidies by End of Year

    Economics Industry News.Net

    JAKARTA - Indonesia's new government will make changes to its costly gasoline and diesel subsidies before the end of the year, the country's chief economics minister said on Thursday. Although a ...

  • Fed Ends Bond-buying Program Keeps Rates Low

    Economics Industry News.Net

    The U.S. Federal Reserve says it is ending its bond-buying program this week, but it assured investors that short-term interest rates would remain near zero for some time. The announcement came ...

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