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  • Latest statistics show huge growth overseas visitors to Ireland

    Economics Industry News.Net

    DUBLIN, Ireland - The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has released the latest statistics for overseas visitors. Official figures show the total number of overseas visits increased by 9.3% for the ...

  • Rise in US new home sales shows tentative recovery

    Economics Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON -- Sales of new single-family homes rose to a six-year high in September, but a sharp downward revision to August's sales pace indicated the housing recovery remains tentative. The ...

  • Signs of hiring gaining steam in US

    Economics Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - The number of people who applied for U.S. unemployment benefits rose by 17,000 last week to 283,000 after falling to a 14-year low the previous week, the Labor Department said ...

  • Farmers Diversify Businesses to Attract Tourists

    Economics Industry News.Net

    PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND - As the weather gets cooler across the United States, and the days grow shorter, many American families head to the farm. Whether they go to pick their own apples, ...

  • Stagnating Euro Zone Seeks to Persuade Germany to Shift

    Economics Industry News.Net

    BRUSSELS - Euro zone leaders sought on Friday to bridge stark differences over how to avoid economic stagnation and deflation in the bloc, with Germany facing fresh calls to soften its budget rigor ...

  • Time to end Occupy Central movement Ex-Hong Kong leader

    Economics Industry News.Net

    The Occupy Central movement will tear Hong Hong's community apart and severely affect the city's economy and livelihood, Hong Kong's former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa said here Friday, calling on ...

  • Music therapy can help curb depression in youth

    Economics Industry News.Net

    A new study has revealed that music therapy can help emotionally troubled children and adolescents by reducing depression. In the largest ever study of its kind, the researchers in partnership with ...

  • Look Back 250 • Great Depression settles hard on St. Louis

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    <br>A brief drive through the heart of the 24th Missouri Senate District in suburban St. Louis can tell a voter all he or she needs to know about … <br>...

  • Draghi warns euro leaders of ‘relapse into recession’

    Irish Times

    <br> Mario Draghi: The president of the European Central Bank's plea for a "coherent and comprehensive strategy" from European leaders follows growing concern about the lack of ...

  • New Homes Problem Price

    Wall Street Journal

    <br> Abby and Tom Anderson wanted new-home perks like larger closets, granite countertops and an open floor plan, but their search this year ended with the couple buying a four-bedroom home ...

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