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  • Computer simulations visualize ion flux


    Schematic representation of the sodium ion channel (light blue): Top: influx of sodium ions (shown in yellow) and orientation of the E53 amino acid in "non-flipped" conformation. Bottom: ...

  • Jennifer Lawrence nude photo hacker claims there are hundreds more celebrity images to be published

    The Independent

    4chan , on Sunday evening. Some 60 naked pictures of Lawrence - an Oscar-winning actress - were reportedly stolen from her iCloud account. Apple are yet to comment on the allegations.Justice and ...

  • Will 2014 be the Year of the Hacker

    Dubai Chronicle

    While Hollywood celebrities are complaining over their stolen, over-exposing snaps and tarnished images, the world is facing a bigger problem. Although there are a few more months to the end of this ...

  • FBI Apple investigating celebrity photo hacks

    Ars Technica

    A spokesperson for Apple confirmed that the company is investigating whether an alleged vulnerability in the company's "Find My iPhone" service and other possible vulnerabilities in ...

  • Use technology to stop Ebola spread —NCS


    In this regard, while the NCS commended the use of emerging media (mobile and social networks) to spread the Ebola Virus Disease awareness, it decried the use of text messages and social media to ...

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