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  • Home Depot hacker hosing cost a wallet-draining $43m

    The Register

    Remote control for virtualized desktops Hacked hardware mart Home Depot has forked out $43m to quash spot fires emanating from the data breach inferno this year, SEC filing documents show.The ...

  • Syrian hackers target news websites

    Belfast Telegraph

    <br>The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has hacked a series of high-profile websites, including the Independent and the Telegraph after exploiting an ad network that runs on the sites....

  • The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes


    CardioMEMs sensors are implanted using minimally invasive techniques. intelfreepress/Flickr Last week I talked about how people are thinking too small when they think about the Internet of Things ...

  • Bird flu Virus identified as H5N1 vigilance stepped up


    The strain of avian influenza that caused deaths of thousands of duck in the three districts of Kerala has been identified as H5N1, which could also spread to human beings though the infection caused ...

  • UK media websites hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


    LONDON (Reuters) - The websites of several British media organisations were hacked on Thursday in a suspected coordinated attack by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), an amorphous hacker collective ...

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