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  • IEA forecasts global renewable energy share to reach 26 pc by 2020

    Utilities Industry News.Net

    ISTANBUL - Renewable electricity additions over the next five years is expected to top 700 gigawatts (GW) and account for almost two-thirds of net additions to global power capacity driven by falling ...

  • Flash Floods on French Riviera Kill at Least 10

    Utilities Industry News.Net

    ANTIBES, FRANCE - Sudden heavy rains around the French Riviera have killed at least 10 people, including some trapped in cars, a campsite and a retirement home, and left six missing. Car and train ...

  • Debris Found in Search for Missing Ship

    Utilities Industry News.Net

    Searchers have spotter multiple objects in the water in the area where a container ship with 33 people on board went missing Thursday in the southeastern Bahamas. The U.S. Coast Guard says life ...

  • Wind Gusts to Add to East Coast Weather Warnings

    Utilities Industry News.Net

    CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA - Flooding from days of record-setting rain along the heavily populated East Coast washed out bridges and homes and forecasters warned wind gusts topping 35 mph could ...

  • Life Ring From Storm-Tossed Cargo Ship Spotted

    Utilities Industry News.Net

    NASSAU, BAHAMAS - The U.S. Coast Guard has located a life ring from a cargo ship that lost power and communications during Hurricane Joaquin and is now the subject of an intense search in the ...

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