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  • Malaysia Airlines to Cut Staff Routes

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    Malaysia Airlines, the country's money-losing carrier, will cut thousands of jobs, trim routes and replace its CEO under plans to return the company to profitability within three years. State ...

  • Australia Refines Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    Australian officials say they have further "refined" the search area for the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that mysteriously disappeared in March. Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said Thursday ...

  • Australian Flag Carrier Posts Record Losses

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    SYDNEY- Australia's national airline Qantas has posted full-year losses of $2.6 billion - its biggest ever annual loss. The development is likely to hasten efforts to allow foreign investment in ...

  • Malaysia Airlines to cut 6000 jobs

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is set to slash 6,000 jobs and cut routes as part of a major revamp after suffering the loss of two commercial jets this year, the Straits Times reported Friday. State wealth ...

  • Australia Malaysia sign MoU for MH370 search

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    Australia Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Malaysia to strengthen their collaboration in the search of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Transport Minister Liow Tiong ...

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