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  • Concerned US Airlines Contact Government About Ebola

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    U.S. airlines and their trade group Airlines for America are in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on actions the U.S. government is taking to address Ebola health ...

  • Algerias tourism hit after guides beheading

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    The beheading of a French mountain guide in Algeria has hit the tourism sector of the north African country, with over a thousand tourists cancelling their bookings. Kidnapped Sep 21 in Tizi Ouzou ...

  • Search for MH370 resumes Wednesday

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    Search teams will resume the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 off the Australian coast Wednesday, media reported. The teams will use new three-dimensional maps and underwater ...

  • Hainans 3 tourism shopping sites put focus on honest operations


    3 large-scale tourism shopping sites in Hainan have recently put a greater focus on the credit management of the tourist industry with a new agreement signed with the Hainan Tourism Development ...

  • Let’s not miss Chinese tourism boat

    The Mercury

    IT was an event little noticed in Australia but, at August’s Youth Olympic Games, one Chinese city gave a masterclass in how to welcome visitors — one that Tasmania could well ...

  • Top 16 lessons every traveller learns


    It's a big wide world out there. A scary world. A world filled with dodgy taxi drivers and bad food, dirty hostels and shady locals.When you first step out into that big world it can be a little ...

  • Airbus A350 gets approval to fly


    The new Airbus A350 has been approved for service by European regulators, paving the way for Qatar Airways to take delivery of the first commercial aircraft this year.The twin-engine plane, made ...

  • Outback plane graveyard welcomes first arrivals


    It is Australia's dead centre?- where old planes can now go to die.After a slow start, passenger jets including a Qantas 767 and four Airbus single-aisle planes from Tigerair Singapore have ...

  • How to avoid food poisoning but still eat like a local


    Food poisoning doesn't discriminate. It can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. It's the arch nemesis of the foodie traveller; those of us who seek out unique local cuisine like it's a ...

  • Travelling in Bangladesh When everything goes wrong


    Some days, everything just seems to go wrong.Some days you get sick. Some days you get lost. And some days your train crashes in the middle of the night in a dangerous border town and you're ...

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