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  • Thousands out of work in Atlantic City as big casinos shut doors

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - They're manning the lifeboats at Atlantic City, as the biggest casinos in town are capsizing. Atlantic City may soon be a ghost town as decades-long casinos shut their doors in ...

  • Two Irish men die while swimming at popular Crete beach

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    KISSAMOS BAY, Crete - Two middle-aged men have drowned while holidaying on a beach in the Greek Islands. Kevin Eugene Devine, 46, and John James Lynch, 45, of Co. Louth, were body-surfing in ...

  • Iceland and Papa New Guinea volcanoes erupt, diverting air traffic

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    PORT MORESBY, Papa New Guinea - A volcano erupted over the weekend in Papua New Guinea, sending ash thousands of feet into the air and creating a spectacular scene over the remote island of New ...

  • Indian weddings in Philippines anyone

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    How about an exotic Indian wedding on the fine white sand beaches in the Philippines with the ocean waves lapping gently beside? The Philippines is planning to promote its beach resorts as a wedding ...

  • Myanmar introduces e-visa to boost tourism

    Travel And Tourism Industry News.Net

    Myanmar immigration authorities Monday introduced online e-visa in a bid to boost tourism in the country. The formal launch of the e-visa came after a trial period in August for a limited number of ...

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