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  • India Sets in Place Ebola Tracking System

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    NEW DELHI - India says it has set in place a tracking and surveillance system, similar to Nigeria's, to detect any cases of Ebola in the country as it steps up efforts to keep the virus out of the ...

  • Syria UN convoy crosses lines to reach children fleeing besieged Kobane

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    21 October 2014 - Trucks carrying lifesaving supplies for Syrian children have managed to cross over the battle line in Aleppo for the first time in months, a spokesperson for the United Nations ...

  • Togo is free from Ebola asserts PM

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    Togolese Prime Minister Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu has asserted that his country is free from Ebola disease, saying that all preventive measures have been taken on borders, airports and harbours to detect ...

  • E-businesses modernising rail travel in India

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    Gazing at the far-away tracks searching for signs of train arrivals might bring in nostalgic memories as a host of e-companies are providing everything from tracking minute-by-minute locomotive ...

  • Brazilian Embraer unveils largest military transport plane

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has unveiled the first prototype of the largest military transport plane. Defence Minister Celso Amorim, Brazilian Air Force (FAB) commander Juniti Saito and ...

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