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  • $12 bn worth Nigerian rail network contract clinched by Chinese firm

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    BEIJING - China Railway Construction (CRCC) has signed a $12 billion (9.6 billion euros) contract with the Nigerian government in Abuja to build a 1,402 km (871 miles) railway line along the African ...

  • New Skateboard Defies Gravity

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - A futuristic dream only a couple of decades ago, the hoverboard - a skateboard that floats above the ground - has finally been made possible. While still not ready for mass ...

  • Boko Haram Attacks Northeastern Nigerian Village Killing 45

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    MAIDUGURI - At least 45 villagers were killed this week after suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a village in Nigeria's northeastern Borno state. According to local sources, Boko Haram ...

  • Niger Sends Helicopters to Border After Militants Attack

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    Niger sent army helicopters to its western border with Mali on Wednesday to repel unidentified militants who crossed over to attack the town of Bani-Bangou, residents and military sources ...

  • Israel Demolishes Home of Palestinian Who Killed 2 at Train Stop

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    Israeli security forces have demolished the home of a Palestinian man who killed two people in an attack at a light rail stop last month. The demolition early Wednesday in the Silwan area of East ...

  • Five killed in South Africa shootout

    Transportation Industry News.Net

    Five people were killed Thursday in a shootout between drivers of for-hire mini buses in Johannesburg, a public transportation sector that has witnessed frequent clashes between rival associations of ...

  • Transportation talk on Dayton’s lunch menu

    General Sources

    <br>The main players at the Minnesota Capitol have been doing some pre-session socializing this week. DFL Gov. Mark Dayton hosted House Speaker-designate Kurt Daudt for lunch today at the ...

  • Public transport to say Falklands are Argentine

    Associated Press

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) -- Argentina's Congress has ruled that all public transportation must display a sign saying: "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" ("The Falklands are ...

  • RTDs new commuter-rail cars arrive in Denver on display soon

    Business Journal

    The Regional Transportation District is getting 66 electric commuter rail cars to use on four of its FasTracks rail lines. The Regional Transportation District's first four electric commuter-rail ...

  • Ramp up public transport to decongest city experts

    The Hindu

    The introduction of 110 Big Buses on Hosur Road in Bengaluru resulted in about 25,000 people shifting every day from cars and two-wheelers to public transport, found a study initiated by Embarq, a ...

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