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  • Twitter helps smokers kick the butt

    Tobacco Industry News.Net

    When people in a smoking cessation programme tweet each other regularly, they are more successful at kicking the habit, says a study. Specifically, daily "auto-messages" that encourage and direct ...

  • Cancer gene capable of slowing cancer growth

    Tobacco Industry News.Net

    The suppression of the known cancer gene "STAT3" may actually be counter-productive in the fight against some cancers, an international research team, including two Austrian researchers, has ...

  • Bans dont help smokers kick the butt

    Tobacco Industry News.Net

    Banning smoking hardly inspires people to reduce or quit it altogether, says a study that found no significant change in home habits in the aftermath of a ban in Quebec. Greater inspiration to kick ...

  • Erika Sullivans Art Addict project hands out painted cigarettes

    CBC News

    A Sackville visual artist is handing out cigarettes she has meticulously painted and coloured to smokers on the streets. Erika Sullivan, 26, said the original idea came when she ...

  • Zimbabwes tobacco production hit by heavy rains

    General Sources

    HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's tobacco crop will fall to 190 million kilograms this year, down from 216 million kilograms in 2014, an official said on Wednesday, as late planting and heavy rains ...

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  • Raising Tobacco Sales Age to 21 Is Best Way to Prevent Lifelong Addiction

    General Sources

    COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - Mar 3, 2015) - Raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes to 21 would save lives by preventing adolescents from ever taking up smoking, a new report suggests....

  • Government prepared for lawsuit as tobacco Bill passed

    General Sources

    Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Dr James Reilly with Aoife (9) and Cathal Gray (7) from Ringsend, Dublin, after the plain-packaging Bill was passed. Photograph: Dara Mac ...

  • Tobacco yield good news for growers

    General Sources

    Ontario tobacco growers defied the odds to deliver a higher-than-expected harvest of the 2014 crop. With the last deliveries in February posted by contracting buyers, the Ontario ...

  • Menthol May Lead to More Smoking

    The Ledger

    Their study, conducted in mice, found menthol appears to suppress airway irritation caused by smoke. That made it easier to inhale and increased the dose of nicotine entering the body, making ...

  • Republic bans branded packaging on cigarettes

    News Letter

    Following the example set by Australia, all tobacco products sold in the Republic will be in a standard dark-coloured wrapper emblazoned with large health warnings and images of disease.Slim boxes of ...

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