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  • RJ Reynolds calls 23 billion dollar court ruling unreasonable

    Tobacco Industry News.Net

    MIAMI, Florida - A Florida court has ordered the second-largest cigarette company in the US to pay USD $23.6-billion in compensation to the wife of a smoker who died of lung cancer. In addition, ...

  • Cancer victims widow awarded $23 bn in US lawsuit

    Tobacco Industry News.Net

    A court in the US has awarded a widow $23.6 billion in damages in a lawsuit against America's second biggest tobacco company, media reports said Sunday. Cynthia Robinson in 2008 initiated legal ...

  • Nearly 160 students pledge not to start smoking

    Straits Times

    SINGAPORE - Around 160 students pledged not to pick up smoking at the Tobacco Free Generation 2000 Youth Summit on Monday, more than double the 67 who promised to do the same at the annual event last ...

  • $24B tobacco verdict 1 down 5130 to go

    CNN Money

    ) -- maker of the Camel, Kool and Pall Mall brands -- still has about 5,130 cases to fight. They're the remnants of a Florida class action lawsuit from the 1990s that was dismantled but allowed ...

  • $23-billion award to widow is message to Big Tobacco

    Calgary Herald

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - A Florida widow awarded $23.6 billion in the death of her chain-smoking husband on Monday called the massive verdict a message to Big Tobacco, even though she likely won't see ...

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