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  • Workshop on ills of tobacco alcohol held

    The Hindu

    Among the issues handled in the workshop include how to educate children, creating financial security for the future, preparing nutritious food, combating suicides, and early marriage. ...

  • An ugly process but worthy bills on tobacco

    San Diego Union-Tribune

    Six tobacco-related bills were shifted earlier this month from the Legislature's regular session to the special session on health care called by Gov. Jerry Brown, scheduled to begin Aug. 17. The ...

  • Group calls for tighter control of e-cigarettes

    Taiwan News

    Taipei, Aug. 3 (CNA) The John Tung Foundation called for tighter control of e-cigarettes after recording a dramatic increase in the number of tip-offs it has received on illegal sales of such items. ...

  • The one thing that could make you quit SMOKING for good


    It’s probably not a big surprise that smokers don’t make as much money as non-smokers. According to a study on ‘The Cost of Employee Smoking in Ireland’ undertaken ...

  • The Bachelors Jacinda Gugliemino in sexy leotards smoking a pipe

    Daily Mail

    How 'cold as steel' Ava Gardner drove Sinatra to try and kill himself... TWICE: Two abortions. A smoking gun. Told for the first time, the full story of Old Blue Eyes' greatest - and ...

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