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  • TV smoking triggers adult tobacco use

    Tobacco Industry News.Net

    A new study suggests that even though smoking appears far less frequently in US television shows than it used to, its portrayal may still be triggering the urge in adult smokers. Researchers ...

  • Florida E-Cigarette Bill Include Home Rule

    The Ledger

    While the state Senate unanimously passed a measure prohibiting e-cigarette sales to minors, state representatives couldn't leave well enough alone. They tacked on a measure that would prevent ...

  • Dropped cigarette blamed in fatal fire

    Journal Gazette

    SANTA CLAUS, Ind. – State police say a fatal house fire in a southern Indiana town began after a woman with a disability dropped a cigarette. Police said 65-year-old Bryan Gregory died Friday ...

  • Regulating tobacco in South Korea

    Asia News Network

    Smoking is an everlasting subject of debate. The debate usually concerns just how harmful it is to human health and the extent to which the tobacco industry should be regulated. This longstanding ...

  • Tobacco companies pay Iowa $71 million settlement installment

    General Sources

    DES MOINES — Iowa has collected more than $960 million in settlement funds to cover tobacco-related health costs since it participated in the landmark 1998 agreement with the nation’s ...

  • Watch Seattle Restaurant Ad Shows Jesus Smoking a Joint

    ABC News

    Selling burgers with Jesus and a joint. Can go wrong with that Easter this year falls on April 20 or are well look at the calendar. -- -- Those steep pitch in the marijuana culture will now that X ...

  • E-cigarette ban to take effect

    L.A. Biz

    E-cigarettes will now be treated the same as cigarettes in Los Angeles. Smoke em while you got em. Thats the message L.A. is sending to e-cigarette smokers today. Because as the clock strikes ...

  • Tobacco Farmers Union Faces Closure

    Hispanic Business Magazine

    000 each.The union's executive is also being accused of registering as an employer's organisation while it operated as a tobacco farmers' union.According to the audit report, the ZPTFU ...

  • Total ban on smoking in cafes and bars delayed by three months

    Dutch News.nl

    Plans to reinstate the smoking ban in bars and cafes across the entire hospitality industry in July will not be achieved, junior health minister Martin van Rijn has confirmed. ‘In practical ...

  • Pressure on Pharmacies to Break Up With Big Tobacco Increases

    General Sources

    ) ?recent well-publicized decision to stop selling tobacco products in its stores was done for all the right reasons from a health perspective. The company believes that the move will cost it around ...

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