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  • The style list Galliano Fashion’s Enfant Terrible by David Foy

    The National

    The French expression “enfant terrible” is traditionally used to describe an unruly child who is embarrassingly blunt. In fashion, the term is more likely to refer to a nonconformist ...

  • A feather on her garment

    The Hindu

    They evolve into flying feather prints and dazzling motifs that suggest that seamless transition from morning to moonlight. Feathers have long held many meanings for many cultures.';...

  • Change at Banana Republic as Gap sales continue to fall


    US clothing giant Gap Inc has guided down third-quarter gross margin and revealed the departure of Banana Republic creative director Marissa Webb, after reporting yet another decline in monthly ...

  • Tescos FF joins ZDHC as new board formed


    F&F, the fashion brand of UK supermarket retailer Tesco Stores, has become the latest member of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group, amid the formation of a new board of ...

  • Designer fragrances and niche perfumes from independent houses

    The Independent

    You'll no doubt have noticed a flood of new designer fragrances on the market of late, especially as they're usually accompanied by unavoidable ad campaigns. That new roster ...

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