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  • Fashion trend 2014 Collarless coat

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    For spring-summer 2014, the coat has been the focal point on most fashion catwalks with many designers and celebrities following the trend. But the style that emerged is the collarless coat. While ...

  • Victoria Beckham celebrates birthday with hiking

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    Fashion designer Victoria Beckham marked her 40th birthday by hiking around America's famous Grand Canyon with her sports star husband David Beckham and children. She later returned to California ...

  • Essa on Fashion Forward Kanye West Victoria Beckham and more

    The National

    Delivering a killer show – and killer one-liners – at the recent three-day Fashion Forward event was one of Dubai’s best-loved designers, Essa Bhagoorwala. In this exclusive ...

  • Measures Of Change After Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapse


    One year ago, 1,100 garment workers were killed when a Bangladesh factory collapsed. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Steven Greenhouse, labor reporter for

  • Spring brings thoughts of fashion

    Hispanic Business Magazine

    --The birds are chirping, the grass is green, and flowers are blooming. Spring, with no snow, is finally here. While the Easter Bunny visited many homes today, leaving a trail of jelly beans, colored ...

  • Improving the competitiveness and Sustainability of the African Cotton Sectors

    Hispanic Business Magazine

    Applications are invited for Improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the African Cotton Sectors. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA : There are three sets of eligibility criteria, relating to: (1) the ...

  • Manufacturing improves in US as China stalls global economy

    General Sources

    WASHINGTON, April 20 -- Manufacturing will take centre stage in the global economic watch this week, with the US projected to fare better than the rest. Orders for American-made capital equipment ...

  • Fashion stakes and elections 2014


    The parties are using every means possible to boost their visibility, from television adverts to social media and now even fashion. Political fashion apparel includes Julius Malema’s red beret, ...

  • To hell in a handbag

    The Independent

    It's a market the British label Mulberry once had nailed - a market that, in the space of 12 months over 2010-11, managed to increase its value by 526 per cent to exceed ?1bn. The company peaked ...

  • How can we get young people to say no to fast fashion

    The Guardian

    Today's fashion industry is best summarised as: "Go fast or go home." This is true for shoppers, designers and workers. The rise of huge retailers, from H&M and Zara (credited with ...

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