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  • Malaysia to Send 20M Latex Gloves to West Africa

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    KUALA LUMPUR- Malaysia will send more than 20 million medical rubber gloves to five African nations battling the deadly Ebola virus, addressing a crucial shortage faced by overwhelmed health ...

  • UN labour agency partners with retailer HM on social sustainability

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    15 September 2014 - The United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) today announced a unique partnership with retail giant HM to promote sustainable global supply chains in the garment ...

  • Judges with daughters predisposed towards womens issues

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    Judges with daughters consistently vote in a more feminist fashion on gender issues than judges who have only sons, says a study, adding that the effect appears to be driven primarily by Republican ...

  • Alexa Chung posses prediction powers

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    Model-presenter Alexa Chung says she stays a step ahead of others in the fashion circuit as she can predict style trends before they hit the runway. She is here for the New York Fashion Week, ...

  • India Vietnam for peaceful South China Sea $15 bn trade

    Textiles Industry News.Net

    India and Vietnam Monday called for freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, and set a target of achieving $15 billion bilateral trade by 2020 with a focus on tourism, garments and textiles, ...

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