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  • Telecom ministry Wrong claims bad maths

    Telecoms Industry News.Net

    At the end of a year since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office, the telecommunications ministry sent out a series of tweets , putting forward its achievements. Here are three problems we found ...

  • Thomson re-enters Indian market through licensee

    Telecoms Industry News.Net

    Technicolor group brand Thomson has re-entered the Indian consumer electronic market with the launch of Thomson LED TVs here on Tuesday. Its licensee in India, Resolute Electronics, will invest ...

  • Body of militant behind Kashmir highway attack found Police

    Telecoms Industry News.Net

    The body of one of the two militants, who attacked a police party on the Srinagar-Baramulla highway in Jammu and Kashmir on July 31, was recovered on Monday from a stream in 's Baramulla district, ...

  • Police detect over 160 mobile phones in Gurgaon jail

    Telecoms Industry News.Net

    Bhondsi police have booked five inmates of Bhondsi jail on charge of using mobile phones illegally in the prison premises. As many as 11 cell phones and a few SIM cards have been seized in the last ...

  • Porn websites not difficult to access despite ban Experts

    Telecoms Industry News.Net

    With the central government banning some of the pornographic websites, experts believe that accessing the blocked stuff on the Internet, is not difficult as many free proxy and virtual private ...

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