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  • Teenagers not hooked to Facebook anymore

    Technology Industry News.Net

    A study involving 170,000 internet users across 32 countries has found that more and more teenagers are spending more time on instant messaging apps than on Facebook. Nearly 66 percent of ...

  • Tech Mahindra launches telematics-based solution for auto insurers

    Technology Industry News.Net

    Software developer Tech Mahindra Ltd. Wednesday announced the launch of usage-based insurance (UBI) solution, a big data and predictive analysis driven platform for auto-insurers. In a statement ...

  • BT blocks a swathe of private torrent sites

    The Inquirer

    UK TELECOMS COMPANY BT has blocked around 25 torrent sites in the past few days, without the say-so of the copyright cartels or the courts. TorrentFreak reports about the site shutdowns, saying that ...

  • Christmas shoppers to spend €22m online on Cyber Monday


    Comments The first Monday in December is the busiest day for online shopping and has been dubbed 'Cyber Monday'.Visa Europe has revealed that Irish online shoppers are set to spend EUR22m ...

  • European Parliament urges break-up of Google


    <br>European Union lawmakers overwhelmingly backed a motion on Thursday urging antitrust regulators to get tough on Google and other Internet search engines and consider breaking them ...

  • Twitter to snoop on every app on your phone


    Twitter Inc's quarterly revenue surpassed expectations but it forecast fourth-quarter sales that may miss targets, sending its shares more than 8 percent lower, Reuters/Eric ...

  • How to stop Twitter from tracking what apps you download

    Daily Dot

    Twitter just announced wants to "help build a more personal experience for you," providing you with a "tailored experience" as you use the wildly popular micro-blogging platform's mobile app. ...

  • Indonesia Time to go overweight


    Chatib Basri, former Finance Minister of Indonesia, and David Fernandez, Head of FICC Research for Asia-Pacific at Barclays, discuss Indonesia's economy. <br> <br>...

  • Still a chance OPEC may cut output Argus


    Alejandro Barbajosa, Vice President for Crude Middle East & Asia-Pacific at Argus Media, says an agreement to reduce production to 29 million barrels per day would be a strong signal. <br> ...

  • Mobiles to be among top targets of hackers in 2015 Study

    Times Of India

    NEW DELHI: Mobiles will become a target of cyberattacks in 2015 as they store up a trove of personal and confidential information and are left switched on all the time, making them the perfect ...

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