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  • Sony Xperia Z2 video

    The Inquirer

    . In terms of specs, there's no reason why the Xperia Z2 shouldn't. It features a 5.2in LED-backlit 1080p HD display, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset and Google's latest ...

  • Nike to stop making FuelBands Report

    Times Of India

    It's shutters for Nike FuelBand fitness tracker. According to a report in CNET, the sportswear giant is reportedly exiting from wearable hardware business altogether. "As a fast-paced, ...

  • Leaked iPad Air 2 panel shows thinner design

    Times Of India

    All those hoping for an even thinner version of iPad Air may get to see their wish come true. Apple seems to be working on further pushing the boundaries of thinness in tablet form with iPad 2, if ...

  • Heartbleed highlights contradiction in the web

    Times Of India

    SAN FRANCISCO: The Heartbleed bug that made news last week drew attention to one of the least understood elements of the internet: Much of the invisible backbone of websites from Google to Amazon to ...

  • Wipro CEO TK Kurien I win by running against competition

    Times Of India

    TK Kurien, 54, has been helping Wipro implement a turnaround plan and get back to industry leading growth since 2011, when the Bangalore based company disbanded its joint-CEO model. Under Kurien, ...

  • DoT seeks Trai’s view on spectrum auction

    Times Of India

    DoT has approached regulator Trai, seeking its recommendations on auction of airwaves held by 29 licensees across 18 out of 22 service areas that are expiring in 2015-16.

  • Chromebooks may soon let you skip passwords

    Times Of India

    WASHINGTON: Chromebook may soon add a new feature, which will automatically unlock the device when in close proximity with a registered smartphone. According to CNET, the so called 'Easy ...

  • Heres why high valuations of startups worry analysts

    Times Of India

    WASHINGTON: After the tech euphoria of 2013, the fast-moving sector has hit a speed bump. The wobbly action of 2014 is still an open question: Is this a correction, bear market or a bubble like the ...

  • Facebook Paper for iOS adds birthdays photo comments and more

    Times Of India

    Those using Facebook Paper on their iPhones are getting a drastically different Facebook experience from everyone else. Today, that experience just got better. Facebook Paper update 1.1 recently hit ...

  • What is wrong with Apples iPad business

    Times Of India

    While most people like to focus on the iPhone when it comes to Apple, it's the iPad that's perhaps the the more intriguing story. Philip Elmer DeWitt has gathered analyst predictions for ...

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  • Nokia X vs Nokia Asha 502 503 vs Nokia Lumia 520

    Times Of India

    NEW DELHI: For budget phone buyers, there are only two options in the Android market today - either go for the pretty-basic-but-functional Samsung Galaxy Star or choose a phone from Indian players ...

  • How to opt out of annoying targeted ads in your Gmail

    Times Of India

    Targeted ads can be extremely distracting, not least of which because it's a reminder that the big G is scanning your email. You can't stop it from doing that, and you can't stop it ...

  • Google working on $100 Nexus smartphone Report

    Times Of India

    Google's Nexus range of smartphones and tablets is known for delivering premium hardware and stock Android software at a reasonable price, with Nexus 5 and second-generation Nexus 7 being the ...

  • China revamps online banking rules

    Times Of India

    SHANGHAI: China will limit the amount of money consumers can transfer to third-party online payment platforms, aiming to protect banks and consumers from fraud amid an explosion of online and mobile ...

  • One in 4 Wipro staff to get up to 20 salary hike

    Times Of India

    Wipro will give double-digit salary hikes to top performers and to those with hot skills, mainly big data and analytics specialists who are in short supply.

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