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  • Software Information Technology

    Hispanic Business Magazine

    Consequence-Analysis Software Models Explosion RiskSAFER TRACE 10.2 is an advanced consequence-analysis software package that helps engineers and risk managers to assess, understand, and reduce risk. ...

  • Mobile printing made simple Mopria certifies CSR IPS print interpreter software

    Hispanic Business Magazine

    mobile printing standard.Mopria certification ensures the ability to connect and pass information between a certified mobile device and any brand-certified printer, resulting in a seamless mobile ...

  • Method’s QuickBooks CRM software is now mobile-friendly

    IT Business

    Method Integration Inc. has just updated its customer relationship management (CRM) software, now making it a better tool when businesses use it on mobile devices. <br>Based in Toronto, ...

  • US needs to defend e-commerce


    PayPals of the marketplace, spend $2 trillion annually on information technologies. One report estimates that 75 percent of e-commerce benefits traditional industries. <br> We should be clear ...

  • FNT Partners with 2BI and Vodworks to Propel Product Development

    CNW Group

    Oct. 24, 2014 /CNW/ - Today First National Technologies Inc. (FNT), a leading Canadian provider of digital payment and revenue management systems for the K-12 education market, announced that they ...

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