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  • Police bust sex racket in Gurgaon arrest six

    Software Industry News.Net

    Police have arrested five girls and a pimp after conducting a raid on a spa and massage parlour in Gurgaon, Haryana. In a bid to combat illegal prostitution in Haryana , the police had launched a ...

  • Open Source Seeds Hit the Market Raise Awareness

    Software Industry News.Net

    Taking a cue from the software industry, scientists, farmers and sustainable food advocates have released what they're calling the first open source seeds. The Open Source Seed Initiative ...

  • VMware to invest $500M in India over next three years

    Software Industry News.Net

    American software company VMware is reportedly planning to invest up to 500 million dollars in India over the next three years. The company's investment plan is an attempt to help fund its growing ...

  • Google working on end to end Gmail encryption for enhanced user privacy

    Software Industry News.Net

    Google is reportedly working on end to end encryption for Gmail to ensure that its users have better privacy. According to The Verge, PGP has been an open-source encryption standard for nearly 20 ...

  • Sify reports revenues of INR 10463 million for FY 2013-14

    Software Industry News.Net

    Chennai, Apr.23 (ANI-Businesswire India): Sify Technologies Limited, a leader in managed enterprise, network, IT and software services in India, with global delivery capabilities, has announced its ...

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