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  • E-commerce import to grow 78 percent Study

    Software Industry News.Net

    With the Indian e-commerce space experiencing "exciting times", the import from other countries is estimated to grow at 78.5 percent during 2015-16, a study said on Thursday. According to the report ...

  • Cheap Apple-certified lightning cable launched for Indian consumers

    Software Industry News.Net

    For those who love Apple products as well as affordable accessories that come with them, here comes a new Apple-certified lightening cable that will cost them much less without any compromise in the ...

  • South Korea confirms Volkswagen emissions rigging

    Software Industry News.Net

    The South Korean government on Thursday confirmed that German car giant Volkswagen used software to manipulate emission levels in cars sold in the country and ordered a recall of over 120,000 ...

  • Ola hires ex-Infosys honcho Rajiv Bansal as CFO

    Software Industry News.Net

    Ola, a leading mobile app provider for personal transportation, on Thursday said Rajiv Bansal will be its new chief financial officer (CFO) from January. Bansal, who resigned from software major ...

  • Ted Baker SS16 Sexy cases funky headphones

    Pocket Lint

    Ted Baker is well known as a clothing brand but pretty dresses and whacky shirts aren't the only thing it dabbles in. It has its fingers in all sorts of pies from bedding and lingerie to ...

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