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  • Peter Lim completes purchase of Valencia football club

    Small Business Industry News.Net

    Singapore businessman Peter Lim has completed the purchase of Spanish BBVA Primera Liga football club Valencia. The deal was signed late Friday night to end a torturous 10 months of negotiations, ...

  • Russian weed maker buys Ebola.com for 200000 dollars

    Small Business Industry News.Net

    Businessman Jon Schultz has reportedly sold Ebola.com for a whopping amount of 200,000 dollars, which he bought for 13,500 dollars in 2008. The domain was in news for a long time as the businessman ...

  • The 5 Biggest Tax differences Between an LLC and Corporation


    <br>Among the many decisions you need to make when launching a business is selecting a business structure. If you do nothing, your business, by default, is structured as either a general ...

  • 3 Things to Know to Lead from the Bottom


    change to an organization unless they're at the top of the corporate hierarchy. But it's possible to be a leader even if someone is at the bottom. Before accepting a job, try to figure out ...

  • 3 Fun But Unorthodox Employee-Motivation Hacks


    more productive employees , you need to infuse a bit of humor into the workplace.Hearty laughter = better performance.There are plenty of ways you can elicit belly laughs from your ...

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