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  • Good days ahead for e-tailing Delhi MP assures help

    Small Business Industry News.Net

    Some good news here for the e-tailing business! If Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from North-West Delhi, Udit Raj has its way, then very soon businessmen dealing with e-tailing space would savour ...

  • Businessman Shot Dead in Bulgarias Botevgrad


    Semko Semkov, a 41-year-old businessman, was killed in the Bulgarian town of Botevgrad, the press office of the Interior Ministry announced, Wednesday. Semkov was found shot dead in front of his ...

  • Building a Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Network at Age 27


    As members of the inaugural class of Silicon Valley's Singularity University in 2009, Jessica Scorpio and Sam Zaid received a challenge from Google's Larry Page: Identify a business concept ...

  • Providing Affordable Luxury-Quality Clothing to the Masses at Age 29


    clothing and accessories for men and women, all without middleman markups. It wasn't so simple when the site launched three years ago. "I had no idea what I was doing," admits founder ...

  • Rewriting the Smartphone Keyboard at Age 28


    SwiftKey , eliminates the clumsiness and frustration of inputting text into smart devices by replacing the stock on-screen keyboard with an artificial-intelligence-driven alternative that analyzes ...

  • 3 Ways to Stay Motivated


    When you're building your business, there are going to be times when you feel like you have absolutely no idea what you're doing. Instead of losing your confidence and giving up, here are ...

  • Turning Time Into Currency at Age 23


    smartphone game. "It hit me that this mobile game thing had become so popular so quickly, so I was challenging myself to figure out why they were so addictive," says Wong, 23. "I ...

  • Young Millionaires How These Entrepreneurs Under 30 Are Changing the World


    Young people today don't just sit around and think about changing the world to suit their purposes--they do it. They may be inexperienced, but they're fearless when it comes to tackling ...

  • The Ethics Coach on Managing a Sticky-Fingered Staff


    Q: Employees at my restaurant are taking food home without paying for it and are not charging their friends for drinks. I made it clear that I'll fire people if the behavior continues, and I ...

  • How $10000 Can Score You a Self-Driving Car


    It looks like consumers will be able to get their hands on self-driving cars by early 2015, and they’re coming from an unlikely place: your garage. San Francisco-based startup

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