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  • Microsoft Temporarily Cuts the Price on the Surface 2

    Small Business Trends

    Microsoft is cutting the price on its Surface 2 just a month after cuts to the prices of its Surface Pro 2 devices. The Surface 2 runs the much-maligned Windows 8 RT operating system. Microsoft will ...

  • New LG Smartphone Added to the G3 Line Has a Stylus Pen

    Small Business Trends

    LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company is getting set to introduce a new smartphone to the G3 line it introduced earlier this year. The latest advent of this series will feature a stylus pen, ...

  • Miami Herald Small Business Makeover YaYa Wines toasts its new strategy

    Miami Herald

    A government job, a stint in the U.S. Army, red wine from Chile and a restaurant napkin helped put Miami entrepreneur YaYa LeGrand on an unconventional path to small business ownership. LeGrand, who ...

  • Thai businessmen happy with ministers

    Asia News Network

    Although the Prayuth Cabinet has been filled and controlled by soldiers, many business leaders still believe the troops can run the country successfully, as many strategic portfolios, especially ...

  • Mackay celebrates Queensland Small Business Week

    General Sources

    SMALL businesses account for almost half of the employment in the private sector and this week it's in the spotlight. This week marks Queensland Small Business Week and Mackay City Fitness ...

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  • Small Business QA Paul Brown

    General Sources

    You recently rebranded your business to HybridTP. Why? Yes, up until last year we were HybridIT and we were beginning to feel that we were being pigeon-holed into just an IT company. IT does remain ...

  • Small-business QA Woman-owned certification can provide an edge

    General Sources

    Q: I understand that as a woman-owned business I can get more contracts if I'm certified. How do I go about doing that?A: There's no guarantee that certification will result in more work ...

  • Small Business Column Making your companies money work for you

    General Sources

    In this week’s column, Kehlan looks at investing in your business and outlines some things to remember when putting your hard-earned company money to work for you.Last week, I made a ...

  • Small business sector reaches critical point

    General Sources

    New Zealand's small business sector is at a crossroads, and the upcoming election is crucial to what path it will go down. The Motel Association of New Zealand's released a list of key ...

  • Small business women struggle to get loans


    NEW YORK (AP) - Women are a growing force in the business world, but if they own a company, they may still struggle to get a loan from a bank.

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