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  • Report China Warns US Spy Plane

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    China's navy is reported to have issued eight warning messages to a U.S. military surveillance plane that passed over a group of man-made islands Beijing is using to secure its sweeping territorial ...

  • Yemen Peace Talks Stunted by Shaky Alliances

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    CAIRO - Following three days of talks in the Saudi Capital, Riyadh, Arab leaders promised to redouble efforts to salvage Yemen's economy and end its war. However, as an Iranian ship approaches the ...

  • Yemen crisis sparked by ex-presidents thirst for revenge Iran

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    The crisis in Yemen was sparked by the thirst for revenge of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the support provided by Iran, the leader of a well known social organisation in the conflict-torn ...

  • Olympic rings light up Rio

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    The most iconic symbol of the Olympics is decorating the host city of the 2016 Games. Rio's City Hall has installed the giant Olympic rings in Madureira Park here. The symbol, which represents the ...

  • Pakistan nabs mastermind of Karachi bus attack

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    Security forces in Pakistan have arrested the mastermind of a May 13 bus attack that killed over 40 minority Ismaili Shiites in the port city of Karachi, a cabinet minister said on ...

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