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  • Hainans largest Ro-Pax ship Haitang Bay to be put in service


    "Haitang Bay", Hainan’s largest luxury Ro-Pax passenger ship so far, is expected to be put into service in the coming days to enhance the transportation capacity for the upcoming ...

  • New ship makes maiden voyage to supply South China Sea islands


    At an inaugural ceremony held at the ship's home port in Wenchang City, Sansha Mayor Xiao Jie said the new vessel will expand the city's administration in the South China Sea and underpin ...

  • Sanyas first and largest fishing ship put into operation


    fishing ship, built with an investment of 14.68 million yuan, has a total length of 58 meters, a width of 9 meters, and a maximum loading capacity of 700 tons. The vessel can hold 12 passengers. ...

  • Sino-Global in tanker move

    Trade Winds

    <br>George Economou made waves on Wall Street this week when the tycoon emerged as the architect of a new tanker venture that plans to pursue an initial public offering (IPO). ...

  • Havyard takes over NES

    Trade Winds

    <br>Double ton for capes <br> Over 200 points were added to the capesize index today as the sector again proved the catalyst for improvements in the BDI. <br>...

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