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  • British Islamic fighter killed in Syria

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    A young man from the British port city of Portsmouth who went to fight in Syria for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has been reportedly killed on the frontline in Syria. Mehdi Hassan, 19, ...

  • Scientists grow functioning vessel with two tablespoons of blood

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    In a path-breaking research, a team of Swedish researchers has successfully grown brand new blood vessels with just two tablespoons of blood in a flat seven days. Just three years ago, a patient at ...

  • Decision to abandon tour needs explanation Ganga

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    Former West Indies skipper Daren Ganga maintains the controversy surrounding the national cricket side is primarily a players issue, and says the team's decision to pull out of the India tour needs ...

  • Samuels opts out as players retain lawyers for battle ahead

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    West Indies players who controversially abandoned the tour of India last week have retained legal counsel as they prepare to tackle the contentious Collective Bargaining Agreement signed by their ...

  • Five killed in China oil tanker explosion

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    Five people were killed after an oil tanker exploded in China's Hubei province, authorities said Saturday. Three people were also injured in the accident that happened Friday night in Zigui county, ...

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