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  • Saudi-led Warplanes Bomb Rebel Stronghold in North Yemen

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    SANA'A/ADEN - Saudi-led warplanes bombed targets in Yemen's northerly Saada province, a stronghold of Iranian-allied Houthi forces, local officials said Wednesday, and a U.N. official accused both ...

  • Egypt Says Work Finished on New Suez Canal

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    ISMAILIA, EGYPT - Egypt has finished building its New Suez Canal, its overseer said on Wednesday, a project President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi sees as a symbol of national pride and a major chance to ...

  • Pilot Training Faulted in Passenger Spaceship Crash

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA - Federal investigators cited inadequate training of test pilots by a Northrup Grumman Corp. subsidiary Tuesday as a leading factor behind last year's fatal crash of an ...

  • US to Release Israeli Spy Pollard His Lawyers Say

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    The lawyers for convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard said Tuesday U.S. officials have decided to release him in November after 30 years' imprisonment. "We are grateful and delighted that our client ...

  • India committed to strengthening ties with Myanmar PM

    Shipping Industry News.Net

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said India was committed to strengthening its relations with Myanmar and called for greater connectivity between the two countries. Myanmar is "India's ...

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  • Port Canaveral builds inland hub to handle expected containers

    Journal of Commerce

    Port Canaveral this week broke ground on what will soon be the port's first multimodal inland facility, part of the Florida port's ongoing campaign to snag container traffic from other U.S. ...

  • $450 million port near Paranagua Brazil proposed

    Journal of Commerce

    Brazil could see yet another major container terminal rise in the south of the country, benefiting shippers but ratcheting up the already fierce competition between the eight existing terminals ...

  • Port of Long Beach harbor commission elects new president

    Journal of Commerce

    The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners Monday elected Lori Ann Farrell Harrison as its new president. The commission president chairs board meetings and represents the port before the public. ...

  • Windows 10 ships with malware loophole

    Daily Dot

    Less than a day after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft's newest operating system is on the receiving end of criticism for hiding file extensions from users, making it easier for hackers to ...

  • N.S. vows to fight Port Hawkesbury paper tariff

    CBC News

    Port Hawkesbury Paper is fighting a ruling by the United States Department of Commerce that could result in a 20.3 per cent tariff against its supercalendered paper. (Wendy Martin/CBC) ...

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