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  • Comcast ATT seek to reassure on no plans for Internet fast lanes

    General Sources

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Comcast Corp and AT&T Inc have no plans to create Internet "fast lanes" that may hurt consumers' freedom to roam the Web, the leading U.S. broadband ...

  • Halloween 2014 Google celebrates All Hallows Eve with Doodle

    The Independent

    <br>When users land on the search engine homepage, they will spot one of six holiday-themed animations.One shows the word Google come to life by the light of a full moon, causing the letter ...

  • Google sued by woman for exposing her boob on Street View

    India Today

    Google is in trouble after a Canadian woman sued the company for exposing her cleavage on Street View. The picture of woman's boob was partially visible on their map service Street View. Maria ...

  • Woman sues Google over boob pic


    <br>A WOMAN has been arrested and charged after allegedly breaking into the home of her husband’s friend and sexually assaulting him while asleep. <br> <br> ...

  • Google Glass cinema ban

    Fox News

    (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) <br> <br> <br>It's official: If you want to see a movie while it's still in the theaters, you'll have to take off your Google Glass or smartwatch ...

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