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  • Irish tech sector gets new job boost

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    DUBLIN, Ireland - Groupon has officially opened its recently-established International Engineering and Marketing Centre in Dublin. The office will serve as a research and development hub, ...

  • Internet major Yahoo posts better than expected result

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    NEW YORK - Web major Yahoo Tuesday reported profits of $6.8 billion for the three months to September, buoyed by earnings from part stake sale in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba ahead of its ...

  • Search engine undergoes changes in Google's fight against piracy

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    NEW YORK - Internet search giant Google is making changes to its search engine as part of an ongoing effort in the fight against software and music piracy. It will direct users away from sites ...

  • Hunger Games... launches promotional web series

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    Lionsgate, distributor of upcoming film "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1", has launced a web series in collaboration with Google to promote the third intallment of the franchise. YouTube ...

  • Google revamps Gmail app now supports Yahoo Outlook

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    Google has revamped its Gmail app for Android, and it will now support Yahoo, and Outlook accounts. Gmail for Android has traditionally supported just Google's own mail service, but now the search ...

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