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  • Russia's Facebook founder removed as CEO

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    MOSCOW - Pavel Durov, the 29-year-old founder of the hugely popular VKontakte, Russia's "Facebook", said he has been fired and that the site was now "under the complete control" of two close allies ...

  • Now go back in time with Googles Street View

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    After a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck the coast of Japan three years ago, which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in damage, Google has set out to preserve imagery ...

  • Aol acts to stop spoofed emails amid Mail hack

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    In wake of the recent Aol Mail hack, which reportedly compromised users' address books, the company has announced a line of code that will help other mail providers reject email messages sent from ...

  • Google adds a sense of history to Street View with archive footage

    The Register

    Combat fraud and increase customer satisfaction Google is adding historical images to its Street View image library so that users can step backwards and forwards through time and track development ...

  • Google Thermostat Learns Preferences of Users Mimics Them

    The Ledger

    He'd sometimes forget to turn down the thermostat and run up a nasty heating bill by the time he returned. But he hasn't had to worry about that since buying one of Google's Nest ...

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