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  • Free Wi-Fi across Sri Lanka by 2016

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    Free Wi-Fi connections will be available across Sri Lanka by March 2016 under an agreement the government signed on Tuesday with multinational technology company Google, a media report said. The ...

  • Google no longer to promote Google as Facebook rival

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    Google will no longer be promoting its ambitious Google as competition to Facebook and Twitter, media reports said. Google head Brad Horowitz on Monday said users would no longer need a Google ...

  • Ask questions from Stephen Hawking on Reddit

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    If you have questions in your mind regarding alien life or dark matter, then you have a golden chance to ask theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking on the social networking ...

  • Lava launches Pixel V1 with Android One

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    Lava International on Monday launched a new Pixel V1 smartphone with Google's Android One operating system at a price of Rs.11,350. The new smartphone, powered by a 1.3 quad-core processor and a 2GB ...

  • Google adds Lava to Android One portfolio

    Search Engines Industry News.Net

    After adding Spice, Micromax and Karbonn to the Android One portfolio, Google is tying up with domestic handset maker Lava International to expand the programme with phones priced at ...

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