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  • Amnesty urges ban on use of pellet guns by Kashmir police

    Plastics Industry News.Net

    International rights watchdog Amnesty International on Thursday said the Jammu and Kashmir government must prohibit the use of pellet firing shotguns during policing of demonstrations. In a ...

  • Let your hair shine in summer

    Plastics Industry News.Net

    Cleanse and condition your hair well, use the right tools and protect it from heat, humidity and pollution for a healthy shine on your mane. Daniel Bauer, TRESemm hair stylist, shares some easy tips ...

  • No point in fight ageing says George Clooney

    Plastics Industry News.Net

    Actor George Clooney doesn't think there's any point trying to "fight" ageing. The 54-year-old, who married lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 37, last year, has argued that men who dye their hair and have ...

  • Scavelo wheelchair uses rubber tank tracks to climb STAIRS

    Daily Mail

    In what could finally mean the end of searching for access ramps or lifts, Swiss engineers have developed an electric wheelchair capable of climbing, and descending, stairs....

  • Bohne Spring to celebrate major milestone in 2016

    Canadian Plastics

    Bohne Spring is gearing up for a celebration. The company is turning 125 years old in 2016, making it one of the oldest Canadian-owned spring companies. ...

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