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  • Spain's Enagas joins TAP project to avail Azerbaijan gas supply

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    TBILISI - Enagas, the main carrier of natural gas in Spain, has bought out two shareholders in the Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP), a 870 km project to bring Azeri gas to Europe, in a bid to ...

  • At Least 10 Killed in Eastern Ukraine Shelling

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    At least 10 people were killed on Wednesday when shells hit a school playground and a minivan on a nearby street in Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, city authorities and witnesses said. A shell hit a ...

  • Jet fuel oil seed boosts liver detoxification

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    Crushed seeds left after oil extraction from Camelina sativa seed, an oilseed crop used in jet fuel, may boost liver detoxification enzymes nearly fivefold, says a study. "The seed meal is a ...

  • Healthy fat in olive oil may repair failing hearts

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    Oleate, a common dietary fat found in olive oil, may help restore proper metabolism of fuel that gets disturbed in case of heart failure, a study suggests. "This gives more proof to the idea that ...

  • Olive oil can reverse heart failure immediately study

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    A new study has revealed that Olive oil could help reverse a patient's heart failure. According to researchers at the University of Illinois, Oleate - the fat found in the golden liquid - could ...

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