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  • Control your BP with your smartphone

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    Scientists have developed an interactive web system that, along with your smartphone, can efficiently control your blood pressure. The participants in the study lowered their blood pressure and were ...

  • India will supply 100 MW electricity to Bangladesh from Dec 16

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    In yet another sign of warming ties and growing cooperation, India will start supplying 100 MW of electricity to power-starved Bangladesh from December 16, the day observed as Vijay Diwas in both the ...

  • Auto components electronics have untapped potential in MSME

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    Auto components and electronics have huge untapped potential in the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India, according to a new report. The MSME Report 2015, brought out by the Kochi ...

  • Western BP guidelines may put Asians at stroke risk

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    The recent Western blood pressure guidelines may actually boost the stroke risk if used for Asian patients, particularly the elderly, according to an expert opinion. High blood pressure is a key risk ...

  • Mobile phone can help better control BP

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    An interactive web system with the help of your mobile phone can be an effective tool for better blood pressure control, according to a new study. Test persons lowered their blood pressure and were ...

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