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  • Permit clearances awaited for $1 bn Shell Arctic drilling plan

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - Royal Dutch Shell is to spend $1 billion to drill exploratory oil wells in Arctic waters north of Alaska this year as long as it clears legal and permitting hurdles, a top official said, ...

  • Cutting costs, BP forges new alliances in Gulf of Mexico

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    HOUSTON - British energy giant BP is forging a new ownership and operating model with Chevron and ConocoPhillips to bring two significant Paleogene discoveries closer to development and explore 24 ...

  • Shell inks deal to set up petrochemical complex in Iraq

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    BAGHDAD - Royal Dutch Shell has entered into a heads of agreement (HoA) with Iraqi government to build a petrochemicals plant in the southern oil hub of Basra. Known as Nibras, the petrochemical ...

  • Shell Wants To Resume Arctic Drilling This Year

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    Royal Dutch Shell says it wants to revive its Arctic oil-drilling program this year following a nearly two-year suspension. Shell CEO Ben van Beurden said in London on January 29 that his company ...

  • US Senate Approves Keystone Pipeline Project

    Oil And Gas Industry News.Net

    CAPITOL HILL - Despite a global oil glut, the U.S. Senate has voted 62-36 to approve construction of a controversial pipeline to transport Canadian crude to U.S. Gulf states. President Barack Obama ...

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