Syrian Air Force inflicts heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor, Hama, Homs, and Raqqa

SANA - Sunday 16th July, 2017
Provinces, SANA - The Syrian Arab Army on Sunday destroyed ISIS gatherings and fortifications in the surroundings of the Panorama and al-Hamidiyeh neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city, and in the village of al-Bghiliyeh in the western countryside.

SANA's reporter said that the Syrian Air Force also carried out intensive airstrikes targeting ISIS centers, gatherings, and fortifications in the surroundings of the Water Resources Hill, the Panorama area, and al-Rashdiyeh and al-Kanamat neighborhoods, killing and injuring a number of ISIS terrorists and destroying one of their command centers in al-Hosan village in the western countryside.

Meanwhile in Hama province, a military source said that the Syrian Air Force killed scores of ISIS terrorists and destroyed one of their armored vehicles and a number of their mortar launchers to the east of Ethryia in the eastern countryside of the province.

The Syrian Air Force inflicted heavy losses in personnel upon ISIS terrorists and destroyed their fortifications and machinegun-equipped vehicles in the area of Hmeima and to the east of al-Kadir in the eastern countryside of Homs province, the source added.

The source went on to add that the Syrian Air Force also destroyed ISIS gatherings and machinegun-equipped vehicles and killed a number of terrorists to the west of al-Fhaidi Station, in the surroundings of Beir al-Rmailan, Tal Rajoum, and south of al-Zamleh in the southern countryside of Raqqa province.

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