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  • Pro-Russian Protesters in Ukraine Ignore Diplomatic Deal

    Music Industry News.Net

    With pro-Russian militants refusing to lay down their weapons and evacuate government buildings in Ukraine, the United States says Friday that Russia has a "responsibility" to urge the protesters to ...

  • Rajasthani folk music group Barmer Boys touring US

    Music Industry News.Net

    Keeping alive the centuries-old musical tradition of the Manganiyars, a hereditary caste of Muslim musicians in India's desert state of Rajasthan, the "Barmer Boys" are on a debut two week ...

  • Meet Parrot that drinks beer and headbangs to music

    Music Industry News.Net

    A parrot named Jack reportedly has become a local celebrity as he drinks beer, wears hoodies and headbangs to Status Quo's music. Norie MacKinnon, of East Kilbride, Scotland, is the owner of the ...

  • ACDC not retiring despite Malcolm Youngs illness says Brian Johnson

    Music Industry News.Net

    AC/DC front man Brian Johnson has revealed that they have no plans to retire from the music scene, and will start working on their new album from next month. The singer told the Telegraph that they ...

  • Why funk music makes people want to dance

    Music Industry News.Net

    A new study suggests that rhythmic drum patterns with a balance of rhythmic predictability and complexity may influence our desire to dance and enjoy the music. Many people find themselves unable to ...

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