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  • Robbie Williams names son Charlton Valentine

    Music Industry News.Net

    Singer Robbie Williams has named his newborn son Charlton Valentine Williams. The child was born Monday here and Robbie shared a humorous video online, showing his wife Ayda Field pushing him and ...

  • Elton John wants fast-track sainthood for Pope Francis

    Music Industry News.Net

    British singer Elton John praised Pope Francisco once again, this time at a charity concert in New York where he said Francis should be made a saint "now", media reported. The concert, organized by ...

  • NY street to be named after James Brown

    Music Industry News.Net

    A street is being renamed as James Brown Way as a tribute to the music legend. The renaming of the street -- a Harlem block behind the Apollo Theater -- will be effective next month, six years after ...

  • Sad music evokes positive emotions

    Music Industry News.Net

    Why do people find solace in sad songs? To get over emotional stress and start their life afresh, an interesting study shows. German researchers have discovered that sad music can evoke positive ...

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