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  • Avril Lavigne slammed over racist Hello Kitty music video

    Music Industry News.Net

    Avril Lavigne has been called "racist" and heavily criticized for her latest music video 'Hello Kitty'. According to E! Online, the 29-year-old singer's music video shows her parading in a tutu ...

  • Now band of drones that can play music

    Music Industry News.Net

    A team at KMel Robotics has assembled a band of hexrotor drones that have taken up new instruments to play some fresh songs - and the end result sounds surprisingly great. The company said that the ...

  • American teen named as worlds highest whistler

    Music Industry News.Net

    Walker Harnden, a 19-year-old music student at the University of North Carolina School of Arts has become the highest whistler in the world. According to Metro.co.uk, Harnden, who is a second year ...

  • Katy Perry gatecrashed at birthday party

    Music Industry News.Net

    Singer Katy Perry made children cry after crashing a five-year-old's birthday party and staged a fake car accident for a music video. The singer was dressed up as a clown for her track "Birthday" ...

  • Jazz up your look with statement heels

    Music Industry News.Net

    If the right wardrobe is a must during summer, footwear is equally important and this season add a pair of bright statement heels. It will not only save a heap of money, as opposed to buying a ...

  • Women find complex music sexy

    Music Industry News.Net

    A new study has revealed that women find complex music sexy. According to the researchers, when women were asked to choose between composers of different types of music for a night of love, they ...

  • Presidential Hopeful Tymoshenko Talks to Pro-Russian Separatists

    Music Industry News.Net

    DONETSK ?? Ukrainian presidential hopeful Yulia Tymoshenko held private talks with pro-Russian separatist leaders in eastern Ukrainian Tuesday, in a bid to break the deadlock between them and the ...

  • Milsap Wiseman Cochran Get Call from Country Music Hall of Fame

    Music Industry News.Net

    Ronnie Milsap, who scored a handful of crossover hits in the 1970s and 1980s, bluegrass singer Mac Wiseman and songwriter Hank Cochran are this year's inductees into the County Music Hall of Fame, ...

  • Final Tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Music Industry News.Net

    Admirers of the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez paid their last respects to the Colombian-born writer at a memorial service held in his honor Monday in Mexico City. Thousands of people lined up ...

  • Agnee launches music of Yeh Hai Bakrapur

    Music Industry News.Net

    Indian rock band, Agnee, recently unveiled the music of upcoming comedy film 'Yeh Hai Bakrapur' in Mumbai. The band's member Kannan Mohan, said, "The film is beautiful, and I'm sure everyone will ...

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  • Nagaland hosts first western classical music concert

    Music Industry News.Net

    Recently, the Handel's Messiah Oratorio music concert was held at the Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo under the theme of 'Oneness in Christ' with an aim to spread unity among churches in the region. This ...

  • Blake Shelton shoots down divorce rumours

    Music Industry News.Net

    Singer Blake Shelton, who is married to country music artist Miranda Lambert, is baffled by tabloid reports and clarifies that his marriage is not on the rocks. Shelton said that his bond with ...

  • China Slams Bieber for Yasukuni Shrine Visit

    Music Industry News.Net

    Canadian pop music star Justin Bieber has prompted fresh controversy and a condemnation by China, after visiting a Tokyo shrine honoring several World War II Japanese war criminals. Bieber, who ...

  • Meet man who turned into math whiz after head injury

    Music Industry News.Net

    Jason Padgett is one of only 40 people in the world with "acquired -savant syndrome," a condition in which prodigious talents in math, art or music emerge in previously normal individuals following a ...

  • Trial Delayed Indefinitely In Loud Music Killing

    The Ledger

    JACKSONVILLE | A judge on Wednesday ruled to delay the trial indefinitely for a Florida man accused of murdering a teenager during an argument over loud music.

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