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  • France Struggles to Understand Converts to Radical Islam

    Movies Industry News.Net

    PARIS - In the Normandy town where he grew up, Maxime Hauchard was known as a nice young man who liked movies and tinkering with motorbikes. He converted to Islam, but apart from that, nobody ...

  • Russell Crowe is extremely sensitive

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Actor Russell Crowe says being "extremely sensitive" often gets him into trouble. The 50-year-old has been branded as arrogant and as one with a bad temper. But denying it all, he has said he takes ...

  • Nicole Kidman loves playing the bad girl

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Nicole Kidman has admitted that she is always happy to play the villain. Speaking at the premiere of 'Paddington' the movie in central London, the 47-year-old Australian beauty, who plays a sinister ...

  • Judi Dench didnt get to go on exotic locations during Bond films

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Judi Dench may have starred in Bond films, but she is disappointed that she didn't get to travel to exotic location in any of the seven films. The 79-year-old Oscar winner, who played the role of M ...

  • Is Kourtney K parting ways with beau Scott Disick

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Kourtney Kardashian recently posted a quote from 'Lilo and Stitch movie on Instagram that has given a hint to everyone that she might part her ways with beau Scott Disick. The quote that reads, "If ...

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