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  • Lions Gate Tried to Discuss Merger with Sony Leaked Emails Show

    Movies Industry News.Net

    LOS ANGELES - Movie maker Lions Gate Entertainment Corp executives last summer tried to meet with Sony Corp CEO Kazuo Hirai to discuss a possible merger or acquisition, according to emails found in ...

  • Eddie Redmayne Hannah Bagshawe get married

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Actor Eddie Redmayne, known for his role in Golden Globe nominated movie "The Theory of Everything", married Hannah Bagshawe in Somerset. The two tied the knot Monday and the news was confirmed by ...

  • Sony Pictures India upbeat about diverse 2015 line-up

    Movies Industry News.Net

    After a big year with "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", film production and distribution firm Sony Pictures India is geared up for an exciting slate in the new year, thanks to a line-up of movies like ...

  • Moment of Hughes death will stay with me forever Warner

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Australian batsman David Warner has said the moment Phillip Hughes fell at the Sydney Cricket Ground Nov 25 after being hit on the head by the bouncer still replays in the back of his head and ...

  • Stars contribute nothing directly to films revenue

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Stars alone cannot make a movie a box office success. But they indirectly contribute to it as distributors are drawn to films which have the big names, and thus a good distribution network sends the ...

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