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  • When Pierce Brosnan tried being Cary Grant

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan has shared that he studied Cary Grant's movies very carefully to get inspiration in the initial years of his career. The former "James Bond" actor made the revelation ...

  • Anne Hathaway dazzles on chat show

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Actress Anne Hathaway, who is awaiting the release of her forthcoming movie "Interstellar," looked beautiful in a strapless black dress as she joined her co-star Matthew McConaughey on chat show "The ...

  • American Gigolo set for TV remake

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Richard Gere starrer movie "American Gigolo" is set to be remade as a crime drama series for television. Movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the 1980 film, will serve as executive producer ...

  • Nicoles love scenes dont turn Keith green with envy

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Actress Nicole Kidman insists her husband, Keith Urban, doesn't get jealous of her love scenes in films because he feels loved and protected. The actress says her husband of eight years had no ...

  • Michael Bay to direct 13 hours

    Movies Industry News.Net

    "Transformers" director Michael Bay is reportedly in talks with Paramount Pictures to direct "13 Hours", an adaptation of Mitchell Zuckoff's eponymous book. Scripted by Chuck Hogan, the story of the ...

  • Sandra Bullock rescues woman on set

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Actress Sandra Bullock rushed to tend to an extra artist on the set of the movie "Our Brand Is Crisis", after the woman collapsed. The sick lady is said to have fainted due to a heat stroke in New ...

  • Adopting contextual cues from cinema halls setting creates same experience at home

    Movies Industry News.Net

    A new study has revealed that the angle of viewing does not play a vital role in the cinematic experience, but presence of so-called 'contextual visual cues' played a greater role in actually drawing ...

  • Filming Interstellar was test of endurance says Matthew McConaughey

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Matthew McConaughey has recently admitted that shooting for his latest movie 'Interstellar' was a test for endurance. The Oscar winner said that he had spent weeks hanging from 80ft wires while ...

  • RTA launches new line for heritage abras at Atlantis

    Gulf News

    <br> <br>Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a new line for heritage abras at Atlantis The Palm in concurrence with Public Transport Day....

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