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  • Enrique bags three Latin Grammy Awards

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Singer Enrique Iglesias received three trophies at the 15th annual Latin Grammy Awards held at MGM Grand Garden Arena, here. The singer accepted the awards from half-way around the globe from ...

  • When Fault in Our Stars actors recreated bench scene

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Actors Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort recreated a bench scene filmed at Amsterdam for "The Fault in Our Stars", at a dedication ceremony Thursday. The bench, which includes a small plaque in ...

  • Emraan Hashmi promotes Ungli in Mumbai

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Emraan Hashmi was recently spotted promoting his upcoming movie 'Ungli' in Mumbai. Since, the movie is based on corruption issues, the 35-year old actor requested auto drivers in Mumbai not to ...

  • Russell Crowe says extreme sensitivity brings out some of his less attractive qualities

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Russell Crowe has recently admitted that he is extremely sensitive and that probably the reason which brings out some of his "less attractive" qualities. The 53-year-old actor has earned himself a ...

  • Martin Freeman set to join Tina Fey in Taliban Shuffle

    Movies Industry News.Net

    'Hobbit' star Martin Freeman is reportedly in talks to join Tina Fey and Margot Robbie for movie 'Taliban Shuffle'. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie is a Paramount's adaptation of ...

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  • Christmas 2014 Three festive films to stream


    <br>Easily Netflix's best seasonal option: and well, if you're honest, you'd much rather watch the Bill Murray version of A Christmas Carol than the Dickens one, wouldn't ...

  • 5 biggest changes from Mockingjay book to movie

    USA Today

    best of the franchise says USA TODAY film critic Claudia Puig), but how closely does it hew to the book it’s based on? Well besides the obvious change (in that it only covers the book’s ...

  • Sask. Hunger Games fans erect shrine to the popular books movies

    CBC News

    <br>Allegra Haynes, 13, (l) and her sister Sierra Haynes, 16, show off the shrine to the Hunger Games they've set up in their Regina living room. (Chris Haynes) <br>...

  • Two Short Films About JFKs Assassination

    Mental Floss

    a matter of dispute for some, leading documentarian Errol Morris to ponder the nature of investigation, what is knowable, and whether the intensity of investigation results in knowledge. <br>In ...

  • Many top actors afraid to experiment Aamir Khan

    India Today

    Aamir Khan today deprecated the unwillingness of certain tops actors and filmmakers in experimenting with content and instead chasing box office profit.The 49-year-old actor feels the focus in film ...

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