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  • Movie about lost boy is lost

    San Diego Union-Tribune

    1 hour, 51 minutes?? Peter Pan, the creation of the British writer J.M. Barrie, is a part of our collective consciousness, an ode to youth and imagination that inspires creativity in children and ...

  • San Andreas blockbuster arrives on DVD


    The science is often dodgy in this summer 2015 blockbuster, in which massive California earthquakes reduce Los Angeles and San Francisco to teetering skyscrapers and collapsing bridges. ...

  • Are Disaster Movies Predicting Our Future

    The Nation

    incremental approach to the problem. Unfortunately, if planetary tipping points are in our future, this mindset will not measure up. It's time to start thinking instead in terms of ...

  • Movie review Zinnia Flower

    Taipei Times

    From The Pain of Others (????, 2005) to Winds Of September (???, 2008), Tom Lin Shu-yu (???) excels at drawing inspiration from personal experiences. With Zinnia Flower (????), the director ...

  • Preparation paramount for tomorrows college students

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    As the admissions process at the nation's best schools grows increasingly competitive, how and when students prepare for college entrance exams could determine where they spend the ...

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