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  • Watching action movies makes your waistline grow

    Movies Industry News.Net

    If your kids love to watch Hollywood action movies, better watch out for their junk food consumption. According to a study, viewers who watch action-packed programmes indulge in over-eating. "We ...

  • George Clooneys back pain continues

    Movies Industry News.Net

    Almost 10 years after filming the Oscar-nominated movie "Syriana", actor George Clooney is still feeling the effects of his on-set back injury. The actor traveled to Duke University earlier this ...

  • Watching Hollywood action movies on TV can make you fat

    Movies Industry News.Net

    A new study has suggested that people ate more while watching a Hollywood action movie on TV as compared to watching an interview program. The study observed that viewers ate more M and Ms, cookies, ...

  • Guardians of the Galaxy rules box office on Labor Day

    Movies Industry News.Net

    'Guardians of the Galaxy' has topped the charts with 16.3 million dollars earning over the weekend. The Marvel film ranked first in the office reports followed by 'November Man' and 'As Above, So ...

  • People Are More Likely To Overeat When Watching Action Movies


    Cornell Food and Brand Lab recruited 94 participants and had them watch 20 minutes of television programming while snacking on M&Ms, cookies, carrots and grapes. One-third of the participants ...

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