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  • Kazakhstan is now the US top uranium supplier


    via Wikimedia Commons ) Kazakhstan is now the United States' top supplier of uranium for the country's nuclear power plants, after overtaking Australia last year, figures published ...

  • Indias gold imports tank


    Gold demand in India usually picks up in the run-up to the domestic festival and wedding season next month but after an exceptional August, the country's September imports fell by more ...

  • Gold price rallies to 7-week high


    On Friday, gold bulls were off to the races, spurred by a turnaround in sentiment towards commodity markets and fresh indications that a rise in US interest rates may be further off than ...

  • US still holds $54 billion of Germanys gold


    The Bundesbank this week?issued an exhaustive list of every last of the 270,316 gold bars it has stored in vaults around the world on behalf of the German nation. The...

  • Glencore responsible for extension of coal strike in S. Africa — union


    Glencore is one of the biggest exporters of South African coal. The largest labour union at South Africa's top coal producers is blaming mining and commodities giant Glencore (LON:GLEN) for ...

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