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  • A Sad Night for America

    Huffington Post

    <br> <br> <br>Many black families woke up this morning knowing that the lives of their children are worth less than the lives of white children in America. The deep distrust of law ...

  • Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Huffington Post

    <br> <br> <br>It's still a month until Christmas and yet the radio stations have begun their non-stop deluge of Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" and Andy ...

  • Cable News Split Screen Reveals Surreal Contrast Between White House And Ferguson

    Huffington Post

    President Barack Obama gave a short speech As many watched on cable news split screens, the contrast between the White House briefing room and the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, was utterly ...

  • How Journalists Contribute to Moral Panics

    Huffington Post

    politicians contribute to moral panics, both on a wide array of issues and on the issue of video game violence specifically. Recent events give us an opportunity to explore how journalists also can ...

  • IDC Tough year for tablets not as bad as thought for PCs


    This year will prove to be a sobering one for tablet makers accustomed to effervescent growth worldwide, but it'll be a little less painful than expected for PC makers and their declining ...

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