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  • Brown Family to Sue City of Ferguson Officer

    Legal Industry News.Net

    The family of the unarmed black teenager slain last summer by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, plans to file a wrongful death civil lawsuit, their lawyers said Thursday. Daryl Parks, ...

  • Pakistani Convicted in Al-Qaida Plot to Bomb NY Subway

    Legal Industry News.Net

    A jury in New York City on Wednesday convicted a Pakistani member of al-Qaida of being part of a plot to attack the city's subway system, a shopping mall in Manchester, England, and a newspaper ...

  • China Seeks to Calm Tech Firm Fears Over Anti-Terrorism Law

    Legal Industry News.Net

    BEIJING - China has responded to criticisms raised by U.S. President Barack Obama about regulations that could impact high-tech firms. The spokeswoman for China's top legislative body says that ...

  • Putin Murder of Boris Nemtsov Disgrace to Russia

    Legal Industry News.Net

    Calling the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov a "disgrace" to Russia, President Vladimir Putin called on the country's law enforcement agencies Wednesday to focus on high-profile crimes, ...

  • Why ban Indias Daughter Questions remain

    Legal Industry News.Net

    Film celebrities like Madhoo and Soha Ali Khan on Friday continued to question the viability of the ban on the broadcast of "India's Daughter", a documentary based on the December 16, 2012 gang rape ...

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