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  • US Supreme Court Opens New Term

    Legal Industry News.Net

    The U.S. Supreme Court has begun a new term with several contentious cases on the docket, including ones involving affirmative action, abortion and teacher's unions. The nine justices took to the ...

  • Italy Leaves Gay Couples Stranded at Altar

    Legal Industry News.Net

    ROME - Rosario Murdica and Gianni Finocchietti always wanted to get married in Italy, but after 30 years together they lost hope of ever tying the knot in their home country and instead said their ...

  • Rights Lawyer Jailing Ex-leader Sign of Maldives Extremism

    Legal Industry News.Net

    LONDON - The imprisonment of former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed symbolizes a turn toward autocracy and extremism by a Muslim nation with the world's highest per-capita level of recruitment ...

  • Pope Opens Divisive Meeting of Worlds Bishops

    Legal Industry News.Net

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis opened a divisive meeting of the world's bishops on family issues Sunday by forcefully asserting that marriage is an indissoluble bond between man and woman. But he said ...

  • SC upholds ban on Srinivasan says BCA secretary

    Legal Industry News.Net

    Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) secretary Aditya Verma on Monday said the Supreme Court upheld its January 22 decision that barred N. Srinivasan from attending any meeting of the Board of Control for ...

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