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  • Lawyers Question Anti-State Charges Against Two Vietnamese Bloggers


    Vietnamese authorities have decided to press charges against a prominent blogger and his assistant after detaining them for six months for publishing anti-government essays, but lawyers have called ...

  • No Election in Thailand Seen Until 2016

    Legal Industry News.Net

    BANGKOK - Authorities in Thailand, which is under martial law and being run by a retired general, said they do not foresee holding elections next year as originally promised. A senior official told ...

  • British court awards woman 337 mn pounds in divorce case

    Legal Industry News.Net

    Following a bitter battle, the American wife of a London financier has been awarded 337 million pounds ($529 million) by a high court judge in the largest settlement a woman has received so far in a ...

  • Rio judge ends Olympic golf course impasse

    Legal Industry News.Net

    A Rio de Janeiro judge has rejected a request by public prosecutors to suspend an environmental permit for work on the 2016 Olympic golf course. Judge Eduardo Antonio Klausner said there were no ...

  • Greek unions in second general strike this year

    Legal Industry News.Net

    Greece was hit Thursday by the second general strike in a year called by labour unions to protest government austerity policies which include public sector job cuts and labour law reform allowing ...

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