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  • Miami Cubans Divided on New US Policy

    Law Enforcement Industry News.Net

    MIAMI - For decades, older, more conservative Cuban Americans have been gathering at Cafo? Versailles in Miami on the corner of Calle Ocho to eat Cuban food and talk politics. After hearing ...

  • Kenyas Tough Anti-Terror Law Signed

    Law Enforcement Industry News.Net

    NAIROBI, KENYA - Kenya's president signed a controversial law Friday that grants sweeping new authority to security forces. The legislation was passed in a chaotic session of parliament over ...

  • Turkey Orders Arrest of Political Opponents

    Law Enforcement Industry News.Net

    A Turkish court has ordered the formal arrest of a television station chief and three police officials on terrorism charges, but ordered the release of eight others, including a newspaper editor, ...

  • Obama US to Respond to N. Korea Sony Attack

    Law Enforcement Industry News.Net

    U.S. President Barack Obama has vowed that U.S will respond "proportionally" to the cyberattack on Sony Pictures that the FBI has blamed on North Korea. Speaking during his annual end-of-year news ...

  • US Racial Justice Quest Comes Full Circle in Selma

    Law Enforcement Industry News.Net

    NEW YORK - When director Ava DuVernay was shooting the Martin Luther King Jr. movie "Selma," she was nervous about whether 21-century Americans would see relevance in a 50-year-old battle for black ...

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