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  • Conn. Official Anthem Customers Reporting Spike in Fraudulent Tax Returns

    Insurance Journal

    The Connecticut attorney general’s office says Anthem Inc. customers are increasingly reporting fraudulent tax returns being filed using their names and other personal information. ...

  • Hot Insurance Markets for 2015

    Insurance Journal

    This year’s ';Hot Markets'; report for property/casualty insurance agents and brokers includes some not-so-usual suspects along with tried-and-true markets enjoying growth. Insurance ...

  • What Insurance Agents Want from Carriers

    Insurance Journal

    Agents like what they get already but see room for improvement in field operations, agent education and marketing support provided by carriers, according to a 2014 national survey of more ...

  • IRS Names Microcaptives as Top Abusive Tax Scheme

    Insurance Journal

    The IRS is growing increasingly uncomfortable that an increasing number of smaller companies and professional firms have been doing what larger companies do -- creating their own or joining ...

  • Obama Likely to Veto Republicans’ Estate Tax Repeal Bill

    Insurance Journal

    The White House on Tuesday said Democratic President Barack Obama’s advisers would recommend that he veto a pending Republican-authored bill to repeal the estate tax. A vote on the ...

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