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  • Does reading Harry Potter help children grow up to be LGBT friendly

    The Independent

    The magic of Harry Potter stretches far beyond platform 9 ? and Hogwarts - it could help children to grow up more accepting of LGBT people and out-groups.

  • Ebola outbreak could be catastrophic


    Ebola outbreak is "moving faster than our efforts to control it," WHO leader says Two Americans infected with Ebola are still in Liberia but will be evacuated soon As of Sunday, WHO had ...

  • This wont be AIDS-free generation


    At the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, this week, young people from over 50 countries gathered to make sure the issues of their generation were heard.

  • NIH Ebola vaccine to be tested on humans soon


    Ebola vaccine could be tested on people as soon as September, NIH says Agency has been working on the Ebola vaccine over the last few years CDC raises travel alert for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra ...

  • 21 pounds of flesh removed after weight loss


    Annette Miller had a lot of excess skin after losing 200-plus pounds The "apron" she carried was hard to exercise with and could get infected Doctors removed excess flesh from her arms and ...

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