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  • Extroverts Happier Regardless of Culture Study Finds

    Yahoo Health

    The investigators also found that the students' behavior was more upbeat when they felt free to be themselves, according to the study in the Journal of Research in Personality.

  • Study Half of jailed NYC youths have brain injury

    Yahoo Health

    NEW YORK (AP) -- About half of all 16- to 18-year-olds coming into New York City's jails say they had a traumatic brain injury before being incarcerated, most caused by assaults, according to a ...

  • Yoga may help women ease PTSD symptoms

    Yahoo Health

    By Shereen Jegtvig NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women enrolled in a small study reported a reduction in symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a series of yoga classes. However, ...

  • Restaurants in Poor Areas Push Unhealthy Foods Study Finds

    Yahoo Health

    Researchers analyzed menus from 61 fast-food and 72 table-service restaurants within a half mile of 13 housing developments and four residential neighborhoods in the Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas ...

  • Second wave of milder flu hitting Northeast

    Yahoo Health

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A second, milder wave of flu is hitting the Northeast.Months ago, the flu season seemed to be winding down. But health officials on Friday reported widespread flu-like illnesses in ...

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