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  • Could teen have run with severed spine


    St. Louis police shooting death of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey sparked days of protests earlier this month, and now one searing question has risen to the forefront: How could Ball-Bey have run from ...

  • How one teen lost 165 pounds


    Adam Park considers himself lucky. He weighed 315 pounds at 15, but didn't run into trouble with bullies or pressure from family and friends. But he knew that he was not living the life of most ...

  • How to allergy-proof your day


    People who consumed a yogurt drink containing the probiotic Lactobacillus casei once a day for five months had lower levels of an antibody that produces allergy symptoms, according to a study from ...

  • 12 plague cases in 2015 Utah resident dies


    An elderly person died from plague this month, Utah health officials said Thursday. An investigation into how, where and when the person was infected with the flea-borne infection is ongoing. The ...

  • Sleep-deprived kids are more tempted by food

    C News

    Children who don't get enough sleep might be more tempted by food, a new study suggests. Five-year-olds who slept less than 11 hours a night were more eager to eat at the sight or ...

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