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  • Zika challenge similar to AIDS for medical community


    Tainara Lourenco sits inside her home in Recife, Brazil, on Friday, January 29. Lourenco, five months pregnant, lives at the epicenter of Brazil's Zika outbreak. The Zika virus has been linked ...

  • One mans road from heroin to hope


    In part 3 of his investigation into the rise of heroin use , CNN's Sanjay Gupta shares one man's struggle on the long road to recovery from addiction....

  • Vietnam heroin and the lesson of disrupting any addiction


    When the U.S. military launched Operation Golden Flow nearly 45 years ago, no one could have anticipated the impact it would have on the study of addiction, behavior and your brain. It was 1971 and ...

  • This is your brain on music


    Whether you are rocking out to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in your car or reading with Bach in your bedroom, music has a special ability to pump us up or calm us down. Scientists are still trying to ...

  • Fact-checking candidates on the Affordable Care Act


    "Our health care is a horror show," said GOP candidate Donald Trump at the Republican debate in South Carolina Dec 15. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, winner of the Iowa caucuses, said at ...

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