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  • Prosthetic hand tells the brain what it is touching


    Research on prosthetic hands has come a long way, but most of it has focused on improving the way the body controls the device. Now, it may also be possible for prosthetic hands to send signals back ...

  • Possible shark attack helps man discover cancerous tumor


    Eugene Finney after cleaning up the wound he received underwater. Finney was left with a foot-long gash down his upper back. It caused significant bleeding. He went to one of the bathrooms on the ...

  • Heart health in the stroke belt


    Researchers assigned 15 participants from the rural, low-income community of Lenoir County, North Carolina, to take pictures of what "cardiovascular health" means to them and their ...

  • Army issues new breastfeeding policy


    The Army issued a service-wide breastfeeding policy this week, making it the last military branch to implement guidelines for supporting nursing service members. The...

  • California to enact comprehensive medical marijuana regulations


    SACRAMENTO, Calif./LOS ANGELES California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday signed into law the state's first comprehensive regulations of medical marijuana, two decades after legalization fueled a ...

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