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  • Casino magnate to the rescue for Republicans in New¬†Hampshire

    Daily Kos

    claim a historic victory in the House for 2014. So of course, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson steps up with a massive donation to a Super PAC tied to House Speaker John Boehner, targeting Democratic ...

  • Man hits $1 million jackpot at Carson City casino

    Las Vegas Sun

    Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 | 9:38 a.m. CARSON CITY -- A 69-year-old Gardnerville man has won a $1 million slot jackpot at a Carson City casino. Bill Paxson says he thought something was wrong with the ...

  • A Dead Octopus And The Future Of Sports Gambling


    <br>In 2010, a German octopus named Paul received worldwide attention for correctly forecasting the final matches of the World Cup. But this year, following Paul's death, data scientists ...

  • Extra Life gaming marathon to benefit Christus childrens hospital

    San Antonio Business Journal

    Children's Hospital of San Antonio will benefit from a 24-hour national charity competition called Extra Life that will allow gamers to raise money for the hospital. San Antonio gaming ...

  • Editorial A rare and noble legacy

    The Mercury

    <br> <br>The father of global media baron Rupert Murdoch was selfless, courageous and fiercely determined in his quest to get the real story of what was happening in the trenches back to ...

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