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  • Seals Feast at Offshore Wind Farms

    Food Industry News.Net

    Offshore wind farms are harnessing more than wind. Seals are foraging for food at these offshore developments, according to a new study. Study lead author Deborah Russell, with the University of St. ...

  • China Arrests Five in Expired Meat Scandal

    Food Industry News.Net

    Chinese police have arrested five employees of a Shanghai-based food supplier accused of selling expired meat to several fast food chains in China, including McDonald's and KFC. Shanghai police said ...

  • UN agency calls for urgent action to protect global soil from depletion degradation

    Food Industry News.Net

    24 July 2014 - The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is calling for urgent action to improve the health of the world's limited soil resources to ensure that future generations ...

  • Chinese meat scam now hits Japanese supermarket chain

    Food Industry News.Net

    The 24-hour Japanese convenience chain FamilyMart announced Wednesday it has stopped buying chicken from the Chinese company Husi, which was shut down after selling meat past its expiry date, even as ...

  • Kevin Spacey offered donation to turn vegetarian

    Food Industry News.Net

    Actor Kevin Spacey has been offered a donation of $6,000 to his theatre company by animal rights campaigners if he switches meat for vegetarian food at an upcoming fundraising barbecue. The ...

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  • Paranoid Putin appoints full-time food taster says report

    Food Industry News.Net

    Russian Pesident Valdimir Putin has reportedly appointed a full-time food taster to make sure his meals aren't poisoned, a report revealed. According to The Independent, with the West rallying ...

  • A tale of two food-loving cities

    The Hindu

    Hyderabad and Lucknow, two cities that have much in common, will have a friendly face-off in director Habib Faisal’s forthcoming film Daawat-e-Ishq, produced by Yash Raj Films, pitching Aditya ...

  • Hangout for great food

    The Hindu

    Their inventiveness is evident right from the signboard of Hangout, which has been made from discarded firewood, to lampshades made of bamboo baskets. Graffiti on the walls has many popular phrases ...

  • Ramadan should spur a year-round better relationship with food

    The National

    Every year, when Eid Al Fitr is almost upon us, I find myself hit by a bittersweet sensation. While I am extremely grateful to be getting back to a regular eating and sleeping schedule, the ...

  • Fast Food Races to Mediocrity Blind to Guest Experience - By John Hendrie

    Restaurant News Resource

    Take care of your people, and they will take care of your customers. Mr. J. Willard Marriott knew that and what you read in the press about Marriott usually reflects their prominance in the lodging ...

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