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  • In another foray in food industry, KKR to buy Chinese chicken meat producer

    Food Industry News.Net

    FUJIAN, China - Global investment firm KKR has agreed to buy 18 percent stake in Chinese chicken meat producer Fujian Sunner Development for $400 million, making yet another foray in food industries, ...

  • Shares of Burger King, Tim Hortons rise on merger talks

    Food Industry News.Net

    NEW YORK - Shares of US fast-food company Burger King Worldwide Inc and Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons Inc rose on Monday following reports that they are in merger talks. While it ...

  • Ebola Threatens Food Security

    Food Industry News.Net

    The Ebola epidemic is raising serious concerns about food security in Liberia -- the country hardest hit by the outbreak in West Africa. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization will conduct rapid ...

  • Singer Sami Yusuf joins roster of UN Global Ambassadors Against Hunger

    Food Industry News.Net

    26 August 2014 - The internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and composer Sami Yusuf has today joined the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) as a Global Ambassador Against Hunger. ...

  • Energy hungry brain slows down growth in kids

    Food Industry News.Net

    Know why your five-year-old kid demand chocolate or ice cream or any other sugary food all the time? To feed his/her "energy monster" brain. According to a fascinating study, our bodies cannot ...

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