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  • Restaurant Bombings in Baghdad Kill 21

    Food Industry News.Net

    BAGHDAD - A series of bombs targeting restaurants across Baghdad killed at least 21 people on Tuesday, police and medics said. The Iraqi capital has witnessed a surge in bombings over the past ...

  • On World Food Day UN lauds role of family farmers in ending global hunger

    Food Industry News.Net

    16 October 2014 - With over 800 million people worldwide still lacking access to healthy, nutritious food, family farmers must play an increasingly vital role in the global war on hunger, United ...

  • Club of Rome meet to ensure food for all

    Food Industry News.Net

    Top agri-scientists, economists, bureaucrats and political leaders, meeting under the aegis of the Club of Rome (CoR), will develop a strategy to ensure food for all. The CoR - a global thinktank ...

  • Brain chooses high-calorie food for you

    Food Industry News.Net

    Choosing what you eat is not simply a matter of taste. As you glance over a menu, your brain is making decisions based more on a food's calorific content, a study showed. Earlier studies found that ...

  • Brains calorie counter tells us to consume high calorie food

    Food Industry News.Net

    A new neuro-imaging study has suggested that people consumed high calories food in spite knowing that it is high calorie, as the study has brought to light that, while thinking of food, an internal ...

  • Why our brain picks pizza over salad

    Food Industry News.Net

    Scientists have revealed why does our brain makes us go for junk food over healthy meals. According to the scientists from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital of McGill University and ...

  • Chefs unveil mystery food basket challenge in Goa

    Food Industry News.Net

    Chefs working in various reputed hotels across Goa unveiled the mystery food basket to participate in a challenge. The competition is aimed at identifying talent and passion in young chefs and to ...

  • 12 Pantry Staples You Can Turn Into Thousands of Meals

    U.S. News & World Report

    <br>Like it or not, food is a major money drain on the <br>average American. Month in and month <br>out, people spend hundreds of dollars to keep their bellies full. <br>One ...

  • Michael Kors donating hundreds of meals to children

    the Sun daily

    has pledged to personally donate hundreds of meals to children in need in return for people posting pictures of themselves wearing his charity T-shirts on social media. <br>The American fashion ...

  • Campus eating beyond fast food or the meal plan

    The Globe and Mail

    UBC student Samantha Gambling at the school's Saturday Farmer's Market. Ms. Gambling is in the second year of her M.Sc in Land and Food Systems. (UBC)...

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