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  • Gut bacteria signal to brain when you are full

    Food Industry News.Net

    The bacteria in your gut may help control when and how much you eat as researchers have found that 20 minutes after a meal they produce proteins that influence activation of appetite-regulating ...

  • Foodpanda to deliver pre-ordered food at railway stations

    Food Industry News.Net

    To enable passengers to pre-order food for delivery at an opted railway station, Foodpanda has joined hands with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the online food ordering ...

  • Five Bengal tea garden workers die over past 10 days

    Food Industry News.Net

    Five workers of the closed Panighatta tea estate in northern West Bengal's Terai region have died over the last 10 days due to alleged malnourishment and lack of medical aid. However, the state's ...

  • Unending tests of Maggi cannot go on Apex consumer court

    Food Industry News.Net

    The apex consumer court on Tuesday said "unending testing of Maggi samples cannot go on", following the Rs.640-crore class action suit filed by the government against Nestle India. A bench of the ...

  • Shoojit Sircar directs Welcome Back Maggi ads

    Food Industry News.Net

    Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar has lent his creativity to bring different emotions alive to welcome Maggi. He says it was a "big responsibility" to portray the noodle brand in the "right manner". "I have ...

  • Canadas Sikh community offers support to Syrian refugees

    Food Industry News.Net

    The Sikh community in Canada came together to offer services to support the Syrian refugees who are expected to arrive in the area over the next few months. The Sikhs in Lower Mainland -- name ...

  • Tracking smell Dont just follow your nose

    Food Industry News.Net

    Hunger pangs attack at night. There's a power cut and its dark. Do you run-and-scan for food in the most likeliest places or do you follow your nose? Well, research has revealed the former strategy ...

  • Impulsive brain area linked to obesity in kids

    Food Industry News.Net

    Certain food odours activate the impulse area of the brain in obese children, researchers report, adding that obesity can have a neurological link. In order to fight obesity, it is crucial to ...

  • Mahapatras wish to return Padma Shri evokes mixed reactions

    Food Industry News.Net

    A day after poet Jayant Mahapatra expressed a desire to return his Padma Shri award over growing "moral asymmetry" in the country, it evoked mixed reactions from politicians and litterateurs on ...

  • IRCTC widens Food on Track ties up with Food Panda

    Food Industry News.Net

    Further broadening its innovative e-catering facility 'Food on Track', IRCTC has tied up with online delivery firm Food Panda, enabling consumers to order from a variety of cuisine options. The ...

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