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  • Two major troubled Greek banks to be restructured

    Financial Services Industry News.Net

    BRUSSELS - European Union regulators on Wednesday approved the restructuring of Greece's two biggest banks - National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank. Greece was worst hit by the Europe's economic ...

  • 'Disappointing' 1.7 pc US economic growth projected by IMF for 2014

    Financial Services Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - The US economic growth this year is expected to be a "disappointing 1.7 percent", the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday in its annual report, further lowering its forecast for ...

  • Upper tribunal upholds FCA fine on former banker for insider trading

    Financial Services Industry News.Net

    LONDON - The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Tuesday issued the final notice fining former senior J.P. Morgan banker Ian Hannam 450,000 pounds after the Upper Tribunal upheld the UK regulator's ...

  • South Korea Pushes $40 Billion Stimulus Package

    Financial Services Industry News.Net

    South Korea unveiled a $40 billion stimulus package Thursday as the finance minister warned of a risk of recession after Asia's fourth-largest economy grew at its slowest rate for more than a year in ...

  • Iraq Islamic State Financing Caliphate by Smuggling Oil

    Financial Services Industry News.Net

    BAGHDAD - Islamic State militants seized four small oilfields when they swept through north Iraq last month and are now selling crude oil and gasoline from them to finance their newly declared ...

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