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  • Genes environment play role in drinking during adolescence and beyond

    Environment Industry News.Net

    Your genes and environment contribute to the link between you drinking alone, and under peer pressure. Alcohol use typically begins during adolescence, within social contexts, and is often correlated ...

  • Providing clean environment to future generations is every nations duty PM Modi

    Environment Industry News.Net

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that India is not under any pressure due to an agreement between the United States and China on climate change, and added that it is the duty of every ...

  • Probe ordered into felling of trees

    The Hindu

    The State government on Sunday ordered an inquiry into the felling of trees in Pembi forest range in Nirmal Division of Adilabad district to identify the culprits and those who instigated the ...

  • Non-partisan environmental groups target suburban Canadian voters

    The Globe and Mail

    <br>Suburban Canada, where SUVs fill driveways and folks seem more preoccupied with hockey schedules than climate change, may seem an elusive target for the environmental movement.But it is on ...

  • Riches of the reservoir

    The Guardian

    . <br>The reservoir shore, subjected to fluctuating water levels, is known as the drawdown zone. Here at Pitsford the shingles and clays became home to a considerable range of wildlife that ...

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