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  • Ecuador returning German money in environment row


    <br>"Go ahead, take your seven million euros. If you like, we will give you another seven million euros for training programs in respect, on sovereignty and on international law," ...

  • The botanist who hunts for giant trees at Kew Gardens

    The Independent

    <br>Most botanists hoping to find a plant that has never before been seen have to get on their hands and knees to scour the undergrowth. Not so Xander van der Burgt - he hunts giants. ...

  • Is child labour a thing of the past

    The Guardian

    list of goods produced with child labour . It includes 136 products, from vanilla to seafood and clothing, and 74 countries from the predictable, such as Uzbekistan - which, despite international ...

  • Environmental groups sue EPA over storm drain pollution


    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [official website] accusing the group of failing to comply with a court order to strengthen storm drain pollution regulation. The...

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