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  • After ICJ ruling, Japan scales down whale hunt target

    Environment Industry News.Net

    TOKYO - Japan Friday announced a scaling down of whales it plans to target during the Pacific Ocean hunt starting next week, after calling off Antarctic whaling after a United Nations court ruling ...

  • After air pollution, China finds one-fifth arable land contaminated

    Environment Industry News.Net

    BEIJING - For millions of Chinese constantly battling smog due to severe air pollution more bad news has surfaced with a new government report claiming that almost one fifth of the arable soil in ...

  • Chinas Environmentalists Face Steep Challenges

    Environment Industry News.Net

    HONG KONG ?? In China, there is increasing public interest in environmental protections, but few legal avenues to go after and punish polluters. In the western city Lanzhou, a group of citizens has ...

  • Period pain affects work of girls Research

    Environment Industry News.Net

    A new research suggests period pain not only causes discomfort but it can also affect the work environment of girls especially those working on computers. British researchers have found that the ...

  • South Sudan Conflict Interrupting Childrens Education

    Environment Industry News.Net

    JUBA ?? Children displaced in South Sudan by four months of fighting not only face a greater risk of disease and malnutrition, but their education is also suffering, analysts and NGOs say. ...

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