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  • Fans hospitalised following Keith Urbans concert

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Australian singer Keith Urban's concert ended with about 22 concert-goers getting admitted into a hospital for alcohol-related problems. For many fans, Urban's Saturday night show in Mansfield, ...

  • Looking forward to champagne after delivery Kimberley Walsh

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Singer Kimberley Walsh has revealed she's planning to take a bottle of champagne with her to the hospital when she goes into labour. She is seven months pregnant with her first child with boyfriend ...

  • Theres no love without pain Peter Andre

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Singer Peter Andre, who is engaged to Emily MacDonagh, believes that love comes with pain. "Life is weird how it puts you in certain places, I never thought I'd meet someone like Emily (a medical ...

  • Shakira pregnant again

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Singer Shakira is reportedly pregnant with her second child. Shakira and her soccer player partner Gerard Piqu already have 19-month-old son Milan together and are said to be overjoyed about the ...

  • Paige Reifler gets death threats

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Model Paige Reifler, who is reportedly getting death threats from her boyfriend and singer Harry Styles' fans, threatens to call the police. Reifler, 18, has been bombarded with death threats from ...

  • Singer Sarah Darling turns designer

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Country singer Sarah Darling has used her design instincts to use by creating a shoe collection for popular boot brand Durango. The "Bad habit" singer has been a spokesperson for the company for ...

  • I want to challenge myself as an actor says Daniel Radcliffe

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed at his Comic-Con appearance that he seeks out sensible stage and films in order to send a message to people that he wants to challenge himself as an actor. The ...

  • Troubled George Michael has shut himself to become a loner

    Entertainment Industry News.Net

    George Michael's friends has revealed that the singer has shut himself off from the world and has become a loner after he was taken to hospital after a mystery collapse few months back. A friend of ...

  • Rascal Flatts concert planned for Redskins Training Center in September

    Richmond Times-Dispatch

    Country music stars Joe Don Rooney, left, Gary LeVox, lead singer, Rascal Flatts, perform at the Boots and Hearts Canadian Country Music Festival, Saturday, August 3, 2013, at Canadian Tire ...

  • Lucy Hercules Lead Weekend Box Office

    The Ledger

    LOS ANGELES | Luc Besson's "Lucy" proved mind can overpower muscle, topping a remake of "Hercules" by director Brett Ratner at the box office on the weekend.

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