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  • Novel technique to help grow bone cells

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    Researchers have developed a new, more precise way to control the differentiation of stem cells into bone cells which shows promise for bone regeneration, growth and healing. The problem with only ...

  • India logs 7.4 percent growth in Q2 government says happy news

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    The Indian economy grew 7.4 percent in the second quarter ended September, showing some improvement over the 7 percent expansion in the quarter before but a notch lower than the 8.4 percent in the ...

  • 72 percent Indian companies faced cyber attacks KPMG

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    Threat of cybercrime looms large in India as nearly 72 percent Indian companies facing cyber attacks in 2015 with financial gain or corporate espionage the main motives, professional services firm ...

  • 3D printing centre to open in China

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    An innovation centre for 3D printing technology is set to open in China's Chongqing municipality, local authorities said on Monday. Relying on the manufacturing prowess of cutting-edge 3D printing ...

  • Indian student in UAE gets perfect SAT score

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    A 15-year-old Indian student here has scored a perfect 2400/2400 in the coveted Scholastic Aptitude Test exams held on November 7, a media report said on Monday. Sanchit Kapoor, who has ...

  • Power sector employees to hold nationwide strike on December 8

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    Leaders of power sector national federations would meet in Delhi on Tuesday to finalise their strategy for a day-long strike on December 8 against the proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill, ...

  • New approach to preserving organs for later use

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have discovered a new approach to preserving tissues and even organs for later use. "This could be an important step toward the preservation of more ...

  • Railway engineers condemn 7th Pay Commission present 27 demands

    Engineering Industry News.Net

    Railway engineers from across the country gathered at the Jantar Mantar area of central Delhi on Tuesday to voice their objections to the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay ...

  • California‚Äôs school construction conundrum

    San Diego Union-Tribune

    A new study from the Institute of Urban and Regional Development at UC Berkeley makes the case that California has done a bad job in building and maintaining modern school facilities -- especially in ...

  • Resurfacing construction underway on Kathleen Road

    The Ledger

    Construction vehicles on Monday clear the site of a StoreRight Self Storage facility on the west side of Kathleen Road in a lot across from Hayes & Hayes Trucking in the curve on Kathleen near ...

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