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  • Rabat unhappy over Londons deportation of terror convict

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Morocco's interior Minister has expressed to his British counterpart Rabat's discontent over Britain's decision to deport a Moroccan terror convict, the ministry. The individual, deported on ...

  • User data retrievable from second-hand smartphones

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Are you planning to junk your smartphone in the second-hand device market for the sake of a new one? Beware as your data can be retrieved from your old phone. A new Cambridge study has found that ...

  • Google updates maps with traffic alerts

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Google has updated its maps with a traffic alerts feature that brings explanations as to why various routes will be faster. According to TechCrunch, the traffic alerts feature also tells the users ...

  • SoftBanks new president likely to be Googles Nikesh Arora

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Former Google head of business Nikesh Arora is likely to take over as the president of SoftBank. According to the Techcrunch web site, he will replace current CEO Masayoshi Son as the chairman of ...

  • Technology › Has Googles dominance already peaked

    Japan Today

    WASHINGTON - As Google faces an antitrust probe from European regulators, some analysts are questioning whether the California tech giant’s dominance has already peaked. ...

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