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  • Google Camera app for Android devices is here

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    This camera is really cool. Although Google's Nexus smart phones do not come on top of your mind when you think of buying one, this all new camera app may force you to reconsider your plan. Called ...

  • Now try dummy Google Glass sets for free in your home

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Google has launched an 'in-home-try-on' program in which customer can get free Google Glass dummies for checking how they will look on them. According to TechCrunch, these Glasses are just for ...

  • Google now focused on improving aesthetics

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Google is reportedly tired of ugly designs and is calling on developers to make new ones. The Internet giant is also focusing on design, appearance, developing and distributing. Director of ...

  • European publishing giant accuses monopolistic Google of building superstate

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Washington, Apr 17, (ANI): Mathias Dopfner, head of Europe's largest newspaper publisher, has accused Google of abusing the monopoly in market, discriminating the other search engines. Dopfner sent ...

  • White Goggle Glass Cotton star of single day sale

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Google, which made its wearable eye device Google Glass available online in the United States Tuesday for just one day, sold out the white, or 'Cotton' color model, becoming the star seller. The ...

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