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  • GOOG Stock This Could Be the Next Big Thing from Google

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Google Is Working on Something Big Normally, when the holiday season approaches, you expect retail companies to do well. This time, however, you might also want to take a look at Alphabet Inc ...

  • Frances new emergency powers interfere with rights to privacy freedom of association

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    This statement was originally published on hrw.org on 24 November 2015. France should apply broad new powers granted under an expanded state of emergency law in as narrow and limited manner as ...

  • Tunisia closes borders with Libya for 15 days

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    The Tunisian Presidency late on Wednesday said that the country decided to close the borders with Libya for 15 days. The national security council decided to close the border from midnight with ...

  • Speaker launches revamped Lok Sabha website

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Wednesday launched the house's refurbished website which has a number of new features including easy access to categories such as "today's debate", "bill search", ...

  • Google makes secret Star Trek like communicator device

    Domain Names Industry News.Net

    Google has developed a prototype wearable device based on the communicator in Star Trek which uses a microphone to listen to a user's voice and can use Bluetooth to send those commands to another ...

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