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  • Eros International announces two new Tamil projects

    Database Industry News.Net

    Eros International, a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, has announced the launch of two new Tamil films to be co-produced with RV Films, namely "Perai Thedia Natkal" ...

  • Nepal Stock Exchange resumes operations after one month

    Database Industry News.Net

    The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) resumed its operations on Sunday almost a month after the April 25 earthquake that wrought severe devastation in the Himalayan country. The market re-started ...

  • Deep Web search to help decode space data

    Database Industry News.Net

    When you do a simple internet search on a topic, the results that appear are not the whole story. Most of the information is buried in the "Deep Web" in the mysterious online world. Now, NASA ...

  • Writing Their Own Scripts

    The Ledger

    Gone are the quaint days when TV viewers had to worry about that one night of the week when a favorite show on NBC airs at the same time as another favorite on ABC. Now fans of TV drama have full ...

  • Full Adult Friend Finder database offered up for $17k worth of bitcoins


    An unredacted version of a database said to be stolen from Adult Friend Finder is being offered for sale for 70 bitcoins, or around $17,000. ROR[RG], the ...

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