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  • Meet the virtual woman who may take your job

    ComputerWorld AU

    IPsoft's artificial intelligence platform . It has an ability to understand things in context and engage with the listener. Most importantly, Amelia is real enough to take your job. ...

  • Juniper Networks looking to go private

    ComputerWorld AU

    Juniper Networks has reportedly hired investment banker Goldman Sachs to explore taking the company private. The development has the blessing of activist investor Elliott ...

  • Display Dock for new Lumias will cost $99

    ComputerWorld AU

    Microsoft will charge $99 for an upcoming Display Dock device to connect next-generation Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL smartphones with full-sized keyboards and large desktop displays, a company ...

  • FBI takes down alert on chip credit cards after bankers complain


    The FBI posted an online advisory about vulnerabilities with new chip-enabled credit cards, but then removed the message on Friday, less than a day later, following concerns from U.S. ...

  • 3 Takeaways from Amazon’s reInvent cloud conference

    ComputerWorld AU

    Upon returning from my fourth AWS re:Invent, another jam-packed cloud computing conference in Las Vegas, I'm left thinking about what really stood out. Here are my three big ...

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