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  • India win 3x3 South Asian basketball qualifying gold

    Computers Industry News.Net

    In a spectacular day of basketball, the Indian team were crowned champions in the 3x3 South Asian Basketball Association (SABA) qualifiers at Gateway College here. Facing familiar opponents Colombo ...

  • Laptops stolen at Kalpakkam

    The Hindu

    Laptops and computer accessories were stolen from the Department of Atomic Energy Employees Consumer Cooperative Stores premises at Kalpakkam Township....

  • Telstra reveals increase in warrant-free access to customer data

    ComputerWorld AU

    The vast majority of access to customer data in the 12-month period ending 30 June occurred without a warrant. Telstra said there it received 79,188 warrant-less requests for the kinds of ...

  • Centrify appoints ANZ country manager

    ComputerWorld AU

    Security firm Centrify Corporation has appointed Lachlan McKenzie as its Australian and New Zealand country manager. He replaces Derek Morwood who was A/NZ regional sales manager....

  • NBN to invest $40m to boost construction workforce

    ComputerWorld AU

    NBN will spend more close to $40 million on training and awareness campaigns to boost the National Broadband Network construction workforce, the company announced this morning....

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  • Fake Apple iOS crash reports prove tricky to remove

    PC World

    Some Apple mobile users have been encountering a pop-up message that is particularly difficult to close.The message appears after a user has been redirected to a different domain, usually ...

  • DNS server attacks begin using BIND software flaw

    PC World

    Attackers have started exploiting a flaw in the most widely used software for the DNS (Domain Name System), which translates domain names into IP addresses.Last week, a patch was issued for ...

  • Windows 10s usage share jumps 4x in three days

    ComputerWorld AU

    Microsoft's Windows 10 got off to a roaring start in its first few days, with its initial usage share handily trumping that of the firm's last free upgrade, Windows 8.1, data from a Web ...

  • Pentalver opens container facility at London Gateway

    Arabian Industry

    Pentalver, a leading UK inland container service operator, has opened its new five acre site at the UK’s newest deep sea container port, DP World London Gateway....

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