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  • Mixed responses from industry on data retention bill

    ComputerWorld AU

    The government's new data retention bill has drawn mixed responses from industry with iiNet and Electronic Frontiers Australia opposing the legislation while Telstra is voicing its ...

  • Cunningham Lindsey uses Wi-Fi units to work during natural disasters

    ComputerWorld AU

    After trialling a Wi-Fi unit during the Queensland floods in 2013 to process insurance claims in a timely fashion, Cunningham Lindsey rolled out Wi-Fi access points to its 48 Australian ...

  • Game to help prevent bullying

    ComputerWorld AU

    Deakin School of IT senior lecturer, Dr Michael Hobbs, said unlike many computer games - which are designed based on some kind of conflict or competition - this game rewards altruistic, upstanding ...

  • Payment Adviser finds value in desktop-as-a-service

    ComputerWorld AU

    The desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution means the company can host a Windows desktop environment in the cloud for approximately $42 a month. Payment Adviser can provision, install and customise ...

  • Future telcos must converge screens things Telstra CTO

    ComputerWorld AU

    Convergence is taking all of a person's data, identity, social circles and applications and spreading it across all of his or her things and screens, he said....

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