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  • NAB prepares for national rollout of personal banking platform

    ComputerWorld AU

    National Australia Bank expects to complete the nationwide rollout of its Personal Banking Origination Platform (PBOP) by the end of the calendar year, following trials in the South ...

  • Cisco boosts broadens Catalyst switches

    ComputerWorld AU

    a 6Tbps supervisor engine expected for some time .The extensions to Cisco's Catalyst 6800, 4500-E and 3650 lines are intended to address a range of requirements spanning campus backbones, wiring ...

  • Telstra suffers major mobile outage

    ComputerWorld AU

    service status page at 12.45pm, took down 3G and 4G services across Australia. "The outage was caused when one of our major mobile nodes went down," a Telstra ...

  • Aussie company Higgns formed to take care of IoT

    ComputerWorld AU

    Australian software developer Two Bulls is spinning out a new company, Higgns, to exploit its software of the same name, which uses the AllJoyn open software framework for Internet of ...

  • 9 technologies that could cut demand for lawyers lower legal fees

    ComputerWorld AU

    Lawyers are embracing technology that makes them more efficient and less trapped in 100-hour work weeks but that also reduces the need for them in certain types of cases or turns their ...

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