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  • HTC One M9 release date rumours and everything you need to know

    Pocket Lint

    The HTC One M8 has been a popular device but with 2014 behind us, anticipation is rising about what will come next for HTC's flagship. It should come as no surprise if ...

  • LG’s Ice Cream Smart is a flip phone blast from the past

    Pocket Lint

    LG has unveiled a new phone that, at a glance, could be mistaken for something from a decade ago. The Ice Cream Smart is a flip phone, but unlike the older shell-like mobiles this one is ...

  • MediaHub prepares for 10 petabyte future

    ComputerWorld AU

    Although Hadoop is perhaps best known for underpinning big data-based analytics projects, Sydney-based MediaHub is using the open source project's distributed storage capabilities to deliver ...

  • CSIRO to pilot online privacy tool

    ComputerWorld AU

    CSIRO will be trialing an online privacy tool in March 2015 so that researchers can share information about biosecurity emergencies with external parties securely....

  • MYOB dives into mid-market cloud

    ComputerWorld AU

    The SaaS product is based on a platform developed by Acumatica, and has been built over the past 18 months by MYOB's development team in Auckland, New Zealand. MYOB purchased a minority stake in ...

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