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  • Cisco acquires OpenStack cloud provider

    ComputerWorld AU

    global Intercloud , a network of clouds stitched together from Cisco and partner offerings to deliver a distributed platform to support the company's

  • How IT should prep for iOS 8

    ComputerWorld AU

    Although Apple has incrementally improved business and enterprise functions with every iOS release, three releases were particularly significant for business users and the IT professionals that ...

  • Open document formats campaign backed by EUs digital commissioner

    ComputerWorld AU

    European government agencies should adopt open document formats in their dealings with citizens, outgoing European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has urged.

  • Yelp settles US FTC charges of violating child privacy

    ComputerWorld AU

    Yelp has agreed to pay US$450,000 to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that the company accepted registrations to its services from children under 13 through its apps.

  • The security function needs SMART metrics

    ComputerWorld AU

    big fan of metrics . I wasn't always, but throughout my career in information security, I've had bosses who have challenged me on metrics, and I have honed my skills so that now I feel the ...

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