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  • Snapdeal Flipkart gear up for festive season

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    E-commerce companies such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm and ShopClues are expecting this festive season to benefit a category of service providers. Online marketplaces are trying new tricks, ...

  • Replace doctors judgement with more computers in the NHS Jeremy Hunt says

    The Independent

    The NHS could be made safer by removing more?medical decisions from the hands of doctors and letting computers and protocols decide aspects of care instead, Jeremy Hunt has said. ...

  • £200m data centre promises low-cost IT services

    Daily Business

    Scotland’s cool climate has helped?secure a ?200 million low-energy data centre which aims to cut IT costs for its clients. DataVita is a new business which will operate from Fortis, ...

  • State mulls e-commerce tax

    The Hindu

    The Telangana government has set its sight on generating tax revenue from e-commerce which has made deep inroads in retail trade in the new State, so much so that some portals are even offering hefty ...

  • Redefining B2B e-commerce for a market boom

    Business Standard

    Swati Gupta wakes up at six every morning, like millions of others. She drives to her office in South Delhi’s Ghitorni at 8.45 am, like many others. She then talks shop with ...

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