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  • Bezos banks on Amazon Web Services for faster growth

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - Technology giant Amazon Thursday reported a revenue of $22.72 billion along with a net loss of loss of $57 million or 12 cents per share for the first quarter of the year but saw the ...

  • Walmart has aggressive plans for India

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    Walmart has aggressive plans for India with major investment in key areas such as sourcing, farmer training, education and women economic empowerment, its global chief executive David Cheesewright ...

  • Only focus can lift Indias services exports to potential Modi

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    In a bid to boost services exports beyond $155 billion annually, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called for a targeted and scientific approach so that the trade not only knows India's ...

  • Mat Wilson Resigns from the LeoNovus Board of Directors

    CNW Group

    Inc. ("LeoNovus") (TSXV: LTV), a leading Internet developer with its SMART Media Platform and distributed Cloud Services announced today that Mat Wilson has resigned from its Board of ...

  • E-commerce companies flood Internet with ads

    Times of India

    Facebook app on his phone, often browses on incognito mode and has installed a tool that detects and blocks spy ads and trackers. All this is to escape from the pervasive ads that have now begun to ...

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