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  • Infosys to build three more campuses in Bengaluru

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    Global software major Infosys Ltd will set up three more campuses here at an investment of Rs.1,918 crore ($290 million) and create an additional 27,000 jobs, a state government official said on ...

  • Pentagon confirms top IS hacker killed in airstrike

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    The Pentagon confirmed on Friday that one of the top computer experts of the Islamic State (IS) extremist group responsible for recruiting members abroad and hacking computers was killed in a US ...

  • Microsofts Snip beta app allows to annotates screenshots with audio

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    Microsoft has announced a new app that makes taking screenshots on touch-enabled Windows 10 computers a lot easier. According to The Next Web, Microsoft Snip, available as beta app, presents an ...

  • Are computers affecting your brain

    C News

    I’m trying to think back to before computers were in my life. I started using them at 10, and of course, computers were different then. They were isolated, not connected to each other ...

  • e-commerce sale bites into sale

    The Hindu

    Many book traders said that the popularity of e-commerce sites selling books at heavily discounted rates had greatly impacted the sales of English novels and books....

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