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  • Judge Dismisses Apartheid Case against US Companies

    Computer Services Industry News.Net

    A U.S. judge has dismissed a 12-year-old lawsuit against two major corporations accused of encouraging human rights violations in apartheid-era South Africa. Black South Africans brought the case ...

  • Computers to Spot Tumors in Medical Scans

    Daily Guide

    Machines are doing more and more of the work typically completed by humans, and detecting diseases may be next: a new company called Enlitic takes aim at the examination room by employing computers ...

  • Eat-Commerce How Technology and E-Commerce Are Redefining How We Eat

    Wired News

    Is Just Mayo the future? Food tech is delivering more economical, healthier alternative to the masses. gohumble/Flickr There’s little question that we live in an era that values time with an ...

  • Thomson Reuters to outsource some Eagan IT services

    Pioneer Press

    Thomson Reuters plans to outsource most of its internal information technology services, which will affect at least some employees at its Eagan campus. The New York-based media and publishing giant ...

  • Chinese e-commerce rivals challenge Alibaba

    Tampa Bay Online

    BEIJING (AP) -- China's biggest property developer, Wanda Group, and Internet giants Baidu and Tencent unveiled a new e-commerce venture Friday in a challenge to industry leader Alibaba Group ...

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