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  • Huge layoffs globally for BlackBerry as tech company fights to survive

    Communications Industry News.Net

    ONTARIO, Canada - Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has announced it is cutting jobs across its global business units in an attempt to consolidate its software, hardware and applications ...

  • Stepped up surveillance efforts by NSA with infected smartphones

    Communications Industry News.Net

    WASHINGTON - The US National Security Agency developed plans to infect smartphones with spyware via Google and Samsung app stores, reveals a report Thursday. The Intercept, a news site, said US ...

  • Job cuts planned in Blackberry's devices business

    Communications Industry News.Net

    WATERLOO, Ontario - Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd is cutting jobs across the world as it consolidates its software, hardware and applications business, the company said Friday. The move ...

  • 25 achievements 25 challenges One Year of Modi Government

    Communications Industry News.Net

    The following are a set of 25 key achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government in the past one year, as listed by stakeholders and analysts, and an equal number of challenges that need to ...

  • Illayaraja urges police to stop misuse of his music

    Communications Industry News.Net

    In yet another petition sent to police officials, maestro Illayaraja has urged them to take action against those using his songs without his consent. "Through my fans it has been brought to my ...

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