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  • Why LTE Isnt a No-Brainer for Utilities – Yet

    Cable Datacom

    If you don't own something, you don't really control it. This logic is a major reason why some utility companies want to own cellular networks rather than buying service from mobile ...

  • Hanging Out U.S. Tourists Rescued From Stuck Cable Car

    World News

    epa04456932 High altitude rescuers of the Fire Brigade of the City of Cologne prepare to abseil members of a family that were trapped in a cabin of the 'Rheinseilbahn' cable car line ...

  • Dish drops Turner cable channels

    Associated Press

    Turner Broadcasting and Dish Network have been struggling to reach an agreement for several months. Above, a Dish technician installs a satellite TV system at a residence in Denver....

  • Cable car rescue 40m above Germanys Rhine river video

    The Guardian

    <br> A family with a newborn child are rescued from a stranded cable car 40m above the Rhine river in the German city of Cologne. Strong winds are believed to have dislodged the car from its ...

  • Chunghwa Telecom participates in NCP submarine cable construction


    Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) has announced its participation in a joint-venture constructing and maintaining the New Cross Pacific Cable (NCP), a submarine cable system linking Taiwan, China, South Korea, ...

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