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  • Telstra Picks Ericsson Ciena for Optical SDNNFV

    Cable Datacom

    SYDNEY -- Telstra, Australia's leading telecommunications provider, confirms Ericsson ERIC, +0.49% as its continued supplier for optical transport equipment and services. The agreement includes ...

  • iPhone 6 could come with reversible USB cable

    The Guardian

    New iPhone 6 could have a USB cable that will fit into a standard USB socket on a computer in either orientation, removing user frustration over which way is up. Photograph: Eduardo ...

  • Satellite broadband finally opens up the internet to me

    Beta News

    my atrocious internet connection . The impact of a deathly slow and unnervingly unstable connection is hard to overstate. Tension and frustration chez Wilson reached boiling point. Nerves were frayed ...

  • How much time would a reversible USB cable save

    The Guardian

    The new iPhone 6 could be released with a USB cable that can be plugged into a slot either way up. We tested the current non-reversible cable on 15 people in our office

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