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  • Pre-Hearing analysis of the Barton LPTV Bill


    The LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition has conducted an analysis of the House ';LPTV Preservation Act of 2014″ sponsored by Congressman Barton of Texas.? We just reported that the Coalition ...

  • Pandora looks to challenge radio’s dominance in cars


    Pandora Media?is one of the largest Internet radio providers in the U.S. with more than 75 million active users. While the company's active user count has increased at a robust pace ...

  • CBS Local to acquire Eventful


    CBS Local Media has entered into an agreement to acquire Eventful, Inc. a leading digital media company in the events discovery, communication and personalization business, it was announced by Anton ...

  • NAB issues statement on LPTV and Translator Preservation Act


    In response to the 7/24 scheduled hearing on the ';LPTV and Translator Preservation Act of 2014″ by the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, the ...

  • New SAG-AFTRA agreements go to vote


    SAG-AFTRA is mailing voting informational cards to approximately 137,000 members as part of the ratification process for the recently negotiated TV/Theatrical contracts. The joint referendum requires ...

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