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  • 15 Die In Russia From Illegal Alcohol In Two-Week Span

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    Russian authorities say 15 people have died during the past two weeks from drinking illegally produced alcoholic beverages, including five in a Siberian city who drank counterfeit American whiskey ...

  • Disqualify BJP MLA send him to jail AAPs Delhi legislator

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    Aam Aadmi Party legislator Alka Lamba on Wednesday demanded that BJP MLA O.P. Sharma be disqualified from holding the membership of the Delhi assembly and sent behind bars for making "derogatory" ...

  • Four girls dismissed from school for consuming beer

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    Four students of Class 11 at the Government Girls School in Tiruchengode in Tamil Nadu have been dismissed from school for consuming beer in their classroom, an education department official said on ...

  • Bacardi NH7 Weekender announces access to disabled

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    Bacardi NH7 Weekender has committed to being a festival accessible for people with disabilities. "Music has no barriers, our endeavour is to continually create memorable experiences and ...

  • Hariharan to perform with son in Pune

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    National Award-winning singer Hariharan is set to perform with his son Akshay aka I-zen at the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015 next month. The duo will share the stage at Aamby Valley City on ...

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