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  • Cops Losers Of Beer Pong Match Opened Fire On Fellow Texas Partygoers

    the smoking gun

    <br> <br> After getting vanquished in a beer pong match, a group of sore losers opened fire early yesterday at a Texas house party, wounding a female reveler, police report. <br>The ...

  • Craft beer top 10 supermarket buys

    The Guardian

    The big breweries are keen to muscle in on the craft beer market and their often ineffectual "craft" ales are now commonplace in high street stores. But it is worth remembering that our ...

  • UCSF Study Shows Link Between Sodas Aging

    CBN News

    <br> <br>The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is required to watch this video. <br>Please click on the link below to download the latest version. Thanks! <br> <br> ...

  • Behind Bars Drunk Woman Mistakes Jail for a Pub


    The Van Buren County sheriff's department says a 39-year-old woman mistook the Van Buren County jail for the bar where she was trying to pick up her boyfriend. <br>...

  • Early Glance Beverages companies

    General Sources

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of some top beverages companies are up at 10 a.m.: Anheuser-Busch Inbev ADR rose $.30 or .3 percent, to $106.75. Coca-Cola Co. rose $.37 or .9 percent, to $43.25. Dr Pepper ...

  • Fin24.com | Rooibos gets a kick

    General Sources

    <br>We're currently experiencing serious technical problems on the site, and as a result are unable to update the news - even though our market data is running as per normal. We sincerely ...

  • American businessmans mission to save beverage over 1000 years old

    CBS News

    The Chinese drank 11 million liters of Baijiu last year, making it the most consumed spirit by volume. After suffering a significant loss in revenue, CEO of China's Sichuan Swellfun Jim Rice is ...

  • All About Beer Magazine sold

    Real Beer

    for 22 years, has sold Chautauqua, Inc. to a North Carolina company led by Christopher Rice. <br>';I'm excited about the energy and resources Chris and the All About Beer team will ...

  • Sactown Union Brewery proposes full tasting room in East Sacramento

    Business Journal

    Sactown Union Brewery, a new craft brewery, has applied to open a full tasting and sales location in an industrial building in East Sacramento. A new craft brewery has applied to open a full tasting ...

  • Wynne ready to tap the Beer Store for infrastructure funding

    The Globe and Mail

    Kathleen Wynne is adamant that she's prepared to take on the private owners of the Beer Store as she searches for the funds to expand subways and highways. (Deborah Baic/The Globe and ...

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