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  • Moms drinking at conception ups kids diabetes risk

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    Women who drink around the time of conception may put their babies at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity in early middle age, warns a new study. "The usual risk factors of these two ...

  • Hillary Clinton gets a clean bill of health

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    As the US presidential race hots up, Hillary Clinton's personal physician released a statement saying she is physically fit to serve as president with health issues resulting from a 2012 health scare ...

  • Smoking weakens spine causes spine infections Experts

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    Smoking weakens the spine and thus further leads to several types of diseases including infection in the spine, health experts warned here on Friday. According to the experts, smoking reduces bone ...

  • HC gives three months time to Centre on junk food

    Beverages Industry News.Net

    The Delhi High Court on Friday asked the central government to implement within three months guidelines on restricting sale of junk food in and around schools. The court, earlier, gave its node to ...

  • Socialist Beer Adds Appeal to Traditional Buzludzha Fest


    A "Socialist Beer" is being featured at the traditional Mount Buzludzha fest held by Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) members, activists, followers and sympathizers this Sunday. ...

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  • 10 of the best pubs for a summer lunch

    The Guardian

    Pinterest This 300-year-old malthouse sits in 55 acres of green and pleasant land and is utterly gorgeous inside and out. The view from the garden is among the best in the Cotswolds - a five-mile ...

  • Cheers and Jeers Rum and Coke FRIDAY

    Daily Kos

    Darn. We've been discovered. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Oh look---it's 4:20 Pacific Time. Gurgle gurgle, my buds. Your west coast-friendly edition of Cheers and ...

  • Video Great Divide Brewing opens taproom at new brewery in Denver

    Denver Post

    Great Divide Brewing opens taproom at new brewery in Denver. The 65,000 square foot warehouse has a new canning and kegging line, as well as space to store 1,500 barrels. ...

  • Odell Brewing chooses employee ownership

    Real Beer

    Doug, Wynne and Corkie Odell are selling Odell Brewing Company, the Colorado brewery they started in 1989, to their employees. They announced Monday that they have sold 19 percent ...

  • Lagunitas claims Sierra Nevada infringes on trademark

    Real Beer

    Press Democrat , alleging the Chico-based brewer has engaged in trademark infringement on its new Hop Hunter IPA label. Sierra Nevada is the second-largest craft brewer in the United Sates, while ...

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