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  • Homebrewers Association gives Obama lifetime membership

    Real Beer

    <br>The American Homebrewers Association has given special lifetime gift memberships to President Obama and outgoing White House chef Sam Kass. <br>The president made history when he ...

  • Wine and Beer Get Calorie Treatment

    U.S. News & World Report

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Don't want to be confronted with the number of calories in that margarita or craft beer? Then avoid the menu and order at the bar.New menu labeling rules from the Food and ...

  • 47 Sacks of Coke A Charter Pilots Run-In with Venezuelan Drug Lords

    Spiegel Online

    It started as a routine charter flight. But when the business jet landed in Venezuela, armed men loaded 47 sacks of cocaine on board and forced the crew to fly the cargo back across the Atlantic. ...

  • Magnets keep shaken beer from volcanic gushing


    <br>There are people who believe that human civilization reached its highest point with the discovery of the magical process that creates beer. Part of the mysterious alchemy of this wonderful ...

  • New York bars fracking but Cuomo keeps his distance


    fracking in his state. But the Democrat also gave himself plenty of political cover, which could come in handy if he ever chases the White House. Cuomo showed his hand on fracking after a years-long ...

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