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  • France Defies EU Partners with No Austerity Budget

    Banking Industry News.Net

    PARIS- France laid down the gauntlet to EU partners on Wednesday with a 2015 budget setting out how it would bring its borrowing back to within EU limits two years later than promised, a retreat it ...

  • US Urges Restraint in Hong Kong Protests

    Banking Industry News.Net

    STATE DEPARTMENT -- The United States is urging China to exercise restraint in Hong Kong, where thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets. The protesters were angered by ...

  • US Judge Holds Argentina in Contempt Over Bond Payment Plan

    Banking Industry News.Net

    NEW YORK- In a rare move, a U.S. judge held Argentina in contempt on Monday, saying the country is taking "illegal" steps to evade his orders in a longstanding dispute with hedge funds over ...

  • Australia to readjust budget to counter terrorism

    Banking Industry News.Net

    The Australian government confirmed Wednesday that there will be budget cuts to finance new anti-terrorism measures. The country has already conceded more powers to its intelligence services and ...

  • Sensex trades flat banking stocks plunge

    Banking Industry News.Net

    A benchmark index of Indian equities markets Wednesday was trading flat at 22.07 points or 0.08 percent down as banking stocks dropped. Good buying was observed in IT and technology, media and ...

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