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  • Morgan Stanley Somethings Not Right At General Motors


    GM ) third-quarter results may have sounded at first blush a tad better than reality, while an analyst questioned whether the company is positioning itself for big upcoming changes in the sector. ...

  • Renault chief sees Europe auto market slowing in 2015

    Yahoo!7 News

    View Photo French President Francois Hollande is shown the inside of a newly presented Renault Espace by CEO of Nissan-Renault Carlos Ghosn (R) during an official visit to the Paris Motor Show on ...

  • General Motors and Deloitte Touche in $303 million securities class action

    European Pensions

    A securities class action brought against General Motors <br>(GM) by German’s DekaBank has led to a cash settlement of $277 million. <br> <br>In one of the biggest shareholder ...

  • Zuma many wives many official cars

    afrol News

    South African sources report that President Jacob Zuma's polygamy practice is costing the state dearly, as all wives want an official car. The police force denies these reports. ...

  • Move over housing bubble it’s autos’ turn

    The Globe And Mail

    As if housing bubbles weren't enough to keep markets up at night, a new one has been bubbling up. As the New York Times reported earlier this year, some lenders may be extending loans for new ...

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