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  • The best play to take stock of self-driving cars


    The bull case for Mobileye Ravi Shanker, Morgan Stanley, joins the Fast Money team to discuss his forecast on self-driving technologies and his bullish outlook for Mobileye. ...

  • 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Review

    Car Advice.com.au

    Giulietta QV has occupied a niche in the market that values style and grace above raw speed. And who hasn't at some point wanted something fast and Italian?...

  • Ford Mondeo facelift spy photos

    Car Advice.com.au

    Mondeo has just gone on sale across Australia after a much delayed introduction in Europe, the Fusion sedan actually went on sale in North America in 2012 and is rapidly approaching the half-way ...

  • Robot bears self-driving cars coming


    New technological era ... An Intel futurist says self-driving cars will be delivered in the next decade, fuelled by the continuing computer power gains from Moore’s Law. Picture: ...

  • Chinese cars in America

    Fox News

    (BYD) After decades of fits and starts, electric cars look like they're here to stay. The Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and several others have found a solid foothold in the marketplace, ...

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