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  • US Automaker Marks 50 Years of Classic Mustang

    Automotive Industry News.Net

    Ford Motor Company is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic Mustang sports car by staging a recreation of the model's famous debut. The U.S. automaker displayed the original version of ...

  • Salsa Legend Cheo Feliciano Dies in Car Crash

    Automotive Industry News.Net

    Police say Salsa legend Jose Luis "Cheo" Feliciano, 78, has died in a car crash in Puerto Rico, AP reports. Officials say the singer was driving alone in his jaguar when he hit a post before ...

  • Hamilton hoping to race faster noisier F1 cars in future

    Automotive Industry News.Net

    Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has added his voice to the ongoing debate over sound in Formula One, saying that he is all for the sports' bosses and teams trying to increase engine noise levels. The ...

  • Victoria Beckhams sports car up for sale online

    Automotive Industry News.Net

    Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is selling her luxury BMW sports car online for 120,000 pounds. The former Spice Girls band member has listed her 6 Series BMW vehicle on ...

  • Beckss old BMW with Poshs initials priced at 75000 pounds

    Automotive Industry News.Net

    David Beckham's old BMW which has his wife Victoria's initials etched on the wheels is up for sole for 75,000 pounds. The 6-Series convertible, which comes equipped with heated leather seats and a ...

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