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  • Greek capital controls hit domestic airlines hardest

    Airlines Industry News.Net

    ATHENS, Greece - European airlines are struggling to deal with capital controls in Greece, with the largest Greek airline Aegean Airlines, saying it has seen a decline in bookings since they were ...

  • Second completion plant planned by Airbus in China

    Airlines Industry News.Net

    PARIS European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has signed up a deal with Chinese partners - the Tianjin Free Trade Zone Investment Company Ltd. (TJFTZ) and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China ...

  • NASA just crashed a light airplane for your safety

    Airlines Industry News.Net

    NASA has crashed a plane in controlled conditions, to test the efficacy of emergency locator transmitters (ELTs). ELTs are supposed to automatically transmit distress signals to satellites after an ...

  • BJP Congress engage in slugfest over IC-814 hijacking

    Airlines Industry News.Net

    The BJP and the Congress on Friday engaged in a political slugfest over former RAW chief A.S. Dulat's claims that IC-814 hijacking case of 1999 was mishandled. While the Congress sought Prime ...

  • IC-814 hijack BJP hits back at Congress criticism

    Airlines Industry News.Net

    The BJP on Friday hit back at the Congress' criticism of its handling of the 1999 IC-814 hijack crisis, and said the decision to release terrorist was taken at the "highest level". "On Kandahar, ...

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