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  • Fire Bags on Display at NBAA

    AIN Online

    NBAA (Booth 3894) to demonstrate its line of fire-containment bags for lithium-ion batteries. According to the company, its fire-containment product is intended to contain blazes with temperatures of ...

  • Flying Colours China‚Äôs Sparkle Roll Announce Joint Venture

    AIN Online

    SRT ) converted from commuter to executive interiors mirroring the Challenger?850. <br>The first conversions will be performed at Flying Colours' Peterborough facility and are expected to ...

  • Hawthorne Global Aviation Adds Its Fifth FBO

    AIN Online

    FBO chain Hawthorne Global Aviation (Booth 3031) has purchased Heartland Aviation, the lone service provider at Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire, Wis. Backed by Moelis Capital Partners, ...

  • Williams Keeps Quiet About Engine Features

    AIN Online

    PC -24 but the engine manufacturer is scarce on details. The so-called Exact passive thrust vectoring system uses "a proprietary fluid dynamic scheme," Matt Huff, Williams' business ...

  • Rock Seven and FlightAware Partner on Global Fleet Tracking

    AIN Online

    Rock Seven has entered into an agreement with global flight-tracking and data-provision specialist FlightAware (Booth 4845) of Houston to offer an enhanced flight-tracking service for its customers ...

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