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  • God bless the USA

    High Plains Journal

    I'm proud to be an American, inside and out. I love to see our flag being raised or carried high. I remember some scary years in the 1950s and ...

  • GMOs of Jurassic proportion presented

    High Plains Journal

    Being the agriculture policy wonk I am, a large part of me wanted to watch this movie just to see how genetically modified organisms are presented. ...

  • No time to think

    High Plains Journal

    In this seasonal business, it's easy to spend weeks on end just doing and not thinking. And there's a reason for that--because you have to harvest the wheat when ...

  • Plants and people need deep roots

    High Plains Journal

    There are some recent scientific studies that clearly document how plants and animals are similar in their awareness of their environment. Maybe I will go into that another day, but for today I have ...

  • Obama signs trade worker assistance bills into law

    High Plains Journal

    WASHINGTON (AP)--In a rare bipartisan scene at the White House, President Barack Obama June 29 signed into law two hard-fought bills giving him greater authority to negotiate international trade ...

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  • EPA must issue stronger renewable fuel volumes for rural America

    High Plains Journal

    The Renewable Fuel Standard is critical for small, rural farms in America's heartland. The renewable fuel industry stimulates jobs growth, spurs investment and drives down costs at the pump. ...

  • Dont mess with RFS

    High Plains Journal

    Officials from Iowa and Misosuri testified at the EPA Public hearing on the RFS proposal. The hearing was held in Kansas City, Kansas June 25. Waiting to testify are (from left to right) ...

  • Demand light in some areas

    High Plains Journal

    In Nebraska and the East River area of South Dakota, alfalfa hay steady on a very thin test. Dehydrated pellets and meal sold steady to $10 lower in the Northeast. Ground and delivered hay steady. ...

  • Technologys new frontier in fingertips of farmers

    High Plains Journal

    Not only does he use technology on his farm, but he also helps other farmers learn about the technologies they can use to become more profitable. "When I was in college, we started ...

  • Fish farming in China desert brings hope to areas affected by desertification

    Channel News Asia

    A fish farm in one of China's largest deserts has managed to halt the effects of desertification and create a thriving industry, despite the harsh conditions....

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