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  • Coca-Cola to develop super milk for twice the price

    Agriculture Industry News.Net

    Coca-Cola announced they are in the process of developing a super milk that will be higher in protein, higher in calcium and 30% less sugar. The milk will be called Fairlife and will cointain 50% ...

  • 12.8mt wheat harvest tipped.

    Business News

    THE falling Australian dollar has been a positive development for growers of the state’s two largest agricultural exports as the harvest cranks up across the grain belt.The harvest began at the ...

  • Azerbaijan Iran discuss prospects of agricultural cooperation


    Azerbaijan`s Minister of Agriculture Heydar Asadov has met an Iranian delegation led by Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh to discuss prospects of cooperation between the ...

  • Farmland Now Available via On-Demand Digital Platforms

    Ag Web

    <br>Academy Award®-winning filmmaker James Moll’s feature length documentary, Farmland, is now available for rent and purchase via On Demand platforms – providing more people ...

  • Four Suspects Indicted in East Texas Cattle Theft Case

    Ag Web

    <br>Four Carthage, Texas suspects were indicted Nov. 6, 2014 after being charged with theft of livestock after stealing one cow from a neighboring rancher in Panola County, Texas. ...

  • First reduced lignin alfalfa trait deregulated by USDA

    Farm Ranch Guide

    <br>Those requiring high quality alfalfa hay in their operation are expressing a lot of interest in the industry's first reduced lignin trait, known as HarvXtra alfalfa.The trait was ...

  • Employee Training Important to Dairy and Beef

    Ag Web

    <br>High employee turnover can lead to inconsistent animal production or potentially lower quality products, both meat and milk. "How is this possible?" asks Heidi Carroll, SDSU ...

  • Five Signs Stress Might Be Hurting Your Farm

    Ag Web

    <br>For farm owners and managers, stress can easily take its toll. Producers work tirelessly, often isolated and near their homes, which means there are few options for getting away compared to ...

  • Harvest Videos Have Never Been Better Pt. II

    Ag Web

    <br>As we noted back in October, there’s something undeniably iconic about a combine rolling through the field that has made farmers want to capture the moment on film for years. For ...

  • Hog and Pork Prices Return to Reality

    Ag Web

    <br> <br>When historians look back on hog prices in 2014, they are going to ask, "What was going on?" Hog and pork prices were launched to almost unexplainable heights by ...

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