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  • Trees now a must for Freedom Food hen ranges

    Farmers Weekly Interactive

    . Planting trees, shrubs and other greenery on hens' ranges is a known way to encourage birds to leave sheds and engage in natural behaviour. The RSPCA says it can also reduce disease risk, bird ...

  • New mill-and-mix machines embrace technology

    Farmers Weekly Interactive

    The days of these farms having their own mill-and-mix systems have all but disappeared, but farmers still have to process this home-grown feed, which is why there's a requirement for feed ...

  • Hold back maize harvest for optimal starch levels

    Farmers Weekly Interactive

    The temptation to start harvesting this autumn's maize too soon could jeopardise the crop's starch levels - even though crops look advanced and ground conditions are ideal.

  • Double cutterbar combine can boost outputs by 15

    Farmers Weekly Interactive

    An unusual double-cutterbar combine header being used by a Midlands farmer is claimed to be able to boost harvester output by up to 15%. Nick Fone explains how. For the past two harvests, ...

  • Farmers divided on how to tackle milk price crash

    Farmers Weekly Interactive

    Dairy farmers remain divided over what action is needed to stop the milk price crash. Protests, milk supply controls and ways to ease the volatile prices were discussed at a heated public debate at ...

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