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  • Resurgent Rahul farmers suicide puts land bill on backburner

    Agriculture Industry News.Net

    A resurgent Rahul Gandhi and the suicide of a farmer at an AAP rally in the capital seem to have made the NDA government re-think its strategy on the land acquisition bill and put it on the ...

  • India will wipe the tear of every Nepali Modi

    Agriculture Industry News.Net

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India stands with Nepal in its time of sorrow following the massive quake and will do its best to wipe the tear of every Nepali, hold their hand and be ...

  • Elle Macpherson takes urine tester kit everywhere

    Agriculture Industry News.Net

    Supermodel Elle Macpherson has admitted that the most surprising thing in her handbag is the urine tester kit, which she uses to check her alkaline state. The 51-year-old said: "(The most surprising ...

  • Another farmer commits suicide over crop damage in UP

    Agriculture Industry News.Net

    A farmer upset over not getting due compensation for crops affected by unseasonal rains and hailstorms, committed suicide on Sunday outside the District Magistrate's office in Haidergarh area of ...

  • Bumblebees use nicotine to fight off parasites

    Science Daily

    Bumblebees that have been infected by parasites seek out flowers with nicotine in the nectar, likely to fight off the infection, new research has found. The nicotine appears to slow the progression ...

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