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  • Technics apes Beats with music platform launch


    Technics, the audio brand, has relaunched after six years with a new music service and ad campaign designed to "evoke the feeling of rediscovering music"....

  • Top 10 customer engagement campaigns


    <br>The Pilion Trust charity launched a multi-award-winning campaign in which a man attempted to shock people into donating by walking around London wearing a sign reading: "Fuck the ...

  • Dave Trott Predatory thinking in space


    <br>The Russians launched Sputnik: the world’s first satellite. <br>It passed over the USA every 90 minutes, sending out radio signals. <br>The USA couldn’t shoot it ...

  • WPP lines up Roberto Quarta as chairman


    <br> <br>Quarta joins from the media technology company Smith & Nephew, where he is chairman. <br>He is also chairman of the engineering business IMI, a partner at the private ...

  • Irresponsible Walking Dead ad rapped by ASA


    An online ad promoting 'The Walking Dead' has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for showing graphic violence on a website used by children....

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