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  • Dave Trott Academic Advertising


    It’s a sub-set of marketing. So you can get a degree in marketing and one of your modules will be advertising. You’ll do modules in: pricing & distribution theory, market research, ...

  • Samsung celebrates Prince Georges birthday


    Samsung has created an outdoor campaign to coincide with the first birthday of the future monarch, Prince George, featuring pictures of another baby George.

  • Suzuki rolls out Swift TV campaign


    The new TV spot, which was created by The Red Brick Road, is called "meant to be" and will first air on 28 July. It shows a man going about his day and continually missing the improbable ...

  • Publicis Groupe UK revenue hit by retail and Blackberry


    Publicis Groupe has reported its UK revenue declined by almost 2 per cent in Q2 2014, following reductions in the retail sector and the impact of the decline of the phone manufacturer ...

  • World Cup ads prove appetite for ultra-short and long film content


    Stellar examples are Nike and Beats. The former’s five-minute epic was impressive, while the latter’s film gave that back of the neck feeling despite having a product that has little ...

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