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  • PM to appoint Tech City chairman Joanna Shields as digital guru


    According to reports, Shields is expected to be appointed as Cameron’s digital adviser – a part-time role helping to create policies that will improve broadband and mobile facilities in ...

  • Now wins The Garden Centre Group


    The Garden Centre Group will change the name of its 140 centres to Wyevale Garden Centres. The rebrand is designed to give the company a stronger national identity. Now’s brief includes ...

  • Kameleon lands Sofaworks content brief


    The family-owned furniture chain is seeking to increase its presence in digital content beyond the traditional marketing space. Kameleon has been charged with developing and implementing a strategy ...

  • 180 Amsterdam tasks Megan Wooding to head client services


    She will work on a number of 180 Amsterdam’s key clients with a particular focus on encouraging digital and integrated talent within the agency. Wooding is a former client services director at ...

  • Want a tactical ad Should have gone to Specsavers


    Specsavers' creative director Graham Daldry describes how his in-house team turned Luis Suarez biting an opponent into a viral ad for his brand in less than 16 hours.

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