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  • FB set to launch mobile ad network to boost revenues

    Advertising Industry News.Net

    Facebook will soon launch a mobile advertising network that will control its database of user information to provide better targeted ads. According to CNET, the new ad network would allow Facebook ...

  • Pub slammed for using barmaids cleavage for promoting beer

    Advertising Industry News.Net

    A pub in Birmingham has been blasted for advertising beers on social media by using their barmaid's cleavage. The assistant general manager of the pub, The Victoria, Ian Cole, said that they usually ...

  • Lamar Advertising change to trust approved

    Miami Herald

    BATON ROUGE, La. -- Lamar Advertising Co., the Baton Rouge-based billboard company, has received permission from the Internal Revenue Service to convert to a real estate investment trust.The Advocate ...

  • How feminism became a great way to sell stuff | Arwa Mahdawi

    Media Guardian

    Dove's Patches advert shows women being filled with confidence to a backdrop of sad classical music It happens to Guardian readers, too: feminist fatigue(TM) - a debilitating condition that ...

  • Watch the first YouTube clip nine years on


    This week marks the ninth anniversary of the first clip uploaded on YouTube, a 19-second video of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.

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