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  • How to chequemate your creditor

    Accounting Industry News.Net

    Cheques are dying out, a report says. This is a tragic loss of an ancient Asian invention - so I learned from the new Museum of Accountancy in India. That country invented that form of promissory ...

  • PM Nawaz expresses dissatisfaction over audit report

    The News

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired a special meeting of the federal cabinet on Friday and expressed his dissatisfaction over the audit pertaining to inflated power bills that was ...

  • Chicago Bank Largest to Fail in 2014


    <br>The National Republic Bank of Chicago has become the country's 16th --?and largest --?bank to fail this year, and industry observers wondered what took regulators so long to close it. ...

  • Predicting the Financial Viability of SaaS Vendors


    <br>As CFO of a pre-IPO software as a service (SaaS) company, I frequently have conversations with finance groups at customer and prospect organizations that want to make sure that our company ...

  • Fed Eases Out of Quantitative Easing


    <br>After six years of quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve has announced it has ended the stimulus program, expressing confidence that the U.S. economic recovery will continue despite ...

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